SCA: censorship allegations “lack standing”

From CHD’s CEO Mary Holland:

Wednesday was a sad day for freedom of speech in America — but the fight isn’t over. Not by a long shot. We need your help to continue the fight to protect our rights.

I am deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision that the plaintiffs in Murthy v. Missouri — two states and five individuals — “lack standing” to pursue claims that the government coerced social media platforms to censor independent speech.

While CHD believes the 6-3 majority got it wrong — and the dissent got it right — we are focused on continuing the fight.

But we need your help today. Here’s why.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and CHD filed a separate lawsuit in the same court as the Missouri plaintiffs because Kennedy and CHD were directly and traceably censored — and continue to be heavily censored.

Our case is about to resume in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision, and we believe it can overcome the weaknesses in the Murthycase.

Complex litigation costs money — a lot of it. So today, I’m asking you to make a donation to support our battle against censorship.

We are fighting censorship in several cases where you can make a critical difference:

  • We are awaiting a decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in CHD v. Meta Platforms in our case against Facebook, its fact-checkers and Mark Zuckerberg’s joint action with the government to demonetize, shadow ban and deplatform CHD.
  • We are awaiting a ruling in a case in Washington, D.C., against the Trusted News Initiative — including Reuters, Associated Press and The Washington Post — for colluding with Big Tech to censor CHD and many other independent news outlets in an illegal group boycott that violates antitrust laws.
  • We’re representing doctors in California, Washington and Maine, where the state licensing boards and the states themselves are preventing doctors from speaking freely with their patients and the public.
  • And we’re moving forward in Kennedy v. Biden to stop federal officials from coercing and encouraging social media giants to stamp us out.

The next government-declared emergency — whether bird flu or climate lockdown or some other alleged catastrophe — may be just around the corner.

Let’s make sure CHD and other independent news outlets can get you necessary, potentially lifesaving information.

With your support, we can win the fight to uphold the First Amendment.

Please give what you can.

Free speech and freedom of the press are worth it!

With thanks,

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Happy Daze! nuttin 2 c here!

oh ya. power in numbers. If any of you late bloomers and vaccine injured and maimed feel more like you want to do something against your dictatorial and murderous government – why not join the protests at the Queen’s Gate of parliament where many very brave mothertruckers have been showing their 100% peaceful presence in opposition to this lying cheating stealing and murderous regime EVERY SINGLE DAY day, since the Convoy came to Ottawa. they have been there for you all – all along – they can point you in the right direction – they have all the info and r, like real troopers and veterans of war, literally killing themselves just too happy to share so u become free from this slavery and poisonous doom that Rockerfeller created to tilt the original healing from our conscience.

happy Kanata day

(not a spelling mistake, greenhorns)

https://x. com/RobertKennedyJr/status/1806462171892895808

just wanted to make sure that you all know where the info is. It is so shockingly telling that the leading candidate can’t get on one of the primetime networks in what is supposed to be the freest country in the world !?!

Splaine that to me please

Happy Independence Day

Also happy belated summer solstice

live long and prosper, y‘all.

love and light earthlings or actually it should be earthlinks

cant but love ya

VaccineChoice Canada: no trust in Canadian courts

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More on the Concept of Judicial Notice in Canadian Courts

Here’s the Video and Short Overview of How “Judicial Notice” Rigged Canadian Court Cases to Favor Government Policy, No Matter What the Facts Might Be. 


JUN 20

One of my collogues, the Independently Verified Information Machine (IVIM), has helped put together a short, twenty minute video, the June 13th, 2024 post “On The Use of Judiciary Notice in Canadians Courts – Chuck Black.” 

Its essentially a video presentation of the May 26th, 2024 Freedom Forum post, “The Historic Concept of “Judicial Notice” Has Been Twisted by Canadian Courts,” but the video also moves on to the discussion of how to combat the use of judicial notice by the courts to enforce government decrees. 

Over the short run, the only recourse within the current Canadian court system is to appeal the decision to a higher court. 

But over the long run, while there is some discussion over whether new legislation is required to limit the scope of judicial notice in the courts and some question over whether or not it’s a decision best left to legislation and experts, the final solutions are still to be determined. 

Some plaintiffs aren’t waiting for a resolution. They’re dropping out of the fight.

As outlined in the June 14th, 2024 Our Greater Destiny post, “Notice of Discontinuance: Vaccine Choice Canada,” the Board of Directors of Vaccine Choice Canada, a federally registered not-for-profit society active in pushing back against government overreach, have decided:

… to file a ‘Notice of Discontinuance’ with regards to the legal action filed on July 6, 2020 (Court File No. CV-20-00643451-0000). Discontinuance means that a party, for its own reasons, has chosen not to continue the litigation. The decision to discontinue does not take away from the importance or merit of the case.

It is the position of the Board of Directors of Vaccine Choice Canada that to continue this legal matter at this time is not advisable. 

Our confidence in the independence and integrity of our Courts, and their willingness to properly consider the available facts and scientific evidence has been seriously eroded, past repair or hope. We are of the opinion that to participate in a fraudulent and illegitimate process is to give legitimacy to that process. 

The case, as outlined in the November 15th, 2023 Toronto Superior Court of Justice document on the topic, was a wide ranging legal challenge to Covid-19 edicts launched with much hope and publicity in 2020 by well known constitutional lawyer Rocco Galatti.

The publicity was likely needed to help raise money to push the case forward, but the case itself was perhaps a little bit too scattershot and all encompassing to ever get a fair hearing in Canadian courts. 

It also suffered from the courts use of judicial notice, which shut down legitimate debate over whether or not Federal and provincial lockdowns and edicts enacted during the great pandemic of 2020 – 2022 were reasonable and proportional to the actual dangers of Covid-19. 

Over the last few years, the concept of “judicial notice,” has been twisted by the courts to include highly controversial political concepts such as “climate change“ “systemic racism,” and “forth wave feminism,” especially when bolstered by official government statements that “the matter is so notorious that it will not be disputed.”

This is what happened to the Vaccine Choice pandemic lawsuit. 

The Greater Destiny post notes the June 13th, 2024 Vaccine Choice press release on the topic, which said that:

The Courts have clearly demonstrated their unwillingness to properly consider the facts as they relate to COVID-19, the evidence and lack thereof of a pandemic; the extent of harm caused by the so called “vaccine”; the extent of harm caused by measures and mandates imposed by governments including masking, social distancing, lockdowns, injection of a genetic material; lack of proper safety testing; the violation of our Charter Rights and Freedoms, and other matters related to the government’s response to the COVID-19 event.

The Courts have clearly demonstrated their unwillingness to consider expert testimony that challenges the claims of Health Canada, the CDC, and statements made by various government officials, officers and agencies.

The Courts have clearly demonstrated a deference, not to facts, the scientific method, and scientific evidence, but rather to government authorities, regardless of the inability of such authorities to justify their measures and mandates.

The Vaccine Choice notice of discontinuance notes that Canadian courts “have utilized “judicial notice”, “mootness”, and “motion to strike” as instruments to deny full debate and disclosure of the available evidence.”

Governments around the world are now suing pharmaceutical giants for providing misleading information during the great pandemic of 2020 – 2022. But four years ago, governments and court systems accepted drug company pronouncements without question and de-platformed all who disagreed with their assessments. For more, please click on the image above. 

Then there’s the Justice Action Committee on Court Operations in Response to COVID-19. 

Now known as the Action Committee on Modernizing Court Operations (or “Action Committee”), the committee was established in May 2020 as a joint effort between Chief Justice Richard Wagner and then Federal Attorney General David Lametti to assist courts across Canada in adapting and maintaining operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “assistance” pushed by the Action Committee was designed to act in congruence with and facilitate government policy related to Covid-19 policy edicts and lockdowns enacted during that time.

But it was also a committee which activists and lawyers challenging Covid-19 edicts and lockdowns were initially unaware of. 

Almost all of the information provided by the Action Committee to judicial officers was directly contrary to information the independent activists were intent on bringing to court notice to argue against the government policy decisions.

Everyone in the Canadian court system knew about the Action Committee and the information it was recommending. 

This allowed judges to claim “judicial notice“ with any Covid-19 or pandemic related information provided by lawyers, plaintiff or independent researchers which disagree, even slightly with the information provided by Justice Wagner, Minister Lametti or any other member of the Action Committee. 

The end result was that Canadian courts totally ignored or outright rejected any scientific, political, constitutional or public policy view of the Covid-19 pandemic which disagreed with existing government policy.

It was a perfect “Catch-22” situation. 

You can’t disagree with government policy, since the existence of the policy itself is proof that a consensus exists that “the matter is so notorious that it will not be disputed” under the legal concept of judicial notice. 

While real science is always conditional, thrives off peer review and remains open to new evidence, the Canadian judiciary remains mired in policy decisions implemented at the request of drug manufacturers and government health workers back before independent evidence relating to the safety and effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines became widely available. Today, not everyone agrees with this approach and some courtrooms are taking steps to distance themselves from past errors. For more on this topic please click on the image above. 

Those rejections, accepted in courts under the concept of “judicial notice“ allowed four years of legitimate court challenges to Covid-19 edicts and mandates to be ignored and dismissed by Canadian courts. 

Given the two year Statute of Limitations on cases of this nature, the litigants probably don’t have recourse with another lawyer or a new court challenge.

Unless something changes in Canadian courts, none of the drug companies who sold us their lies packaged as vaccines will ever come to justice, at least in Canada, and no one in government who accepted and acted upon those lies will ever be held up to public scrutiny and punished for their errors, omissions or malfeasance. 

All because the Federal government intentionally rigged the game against their own people, by using the legal concept of “judicial notice.” 

So what’s going to happen next? 

Stay tuned. 

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The last month

was the deadliest, bloodiest, and the month during which the most underaged child soldiers died in the two front war.

NOT talking about Ukraine !

talking about the second world war and the absolute madness that was Germany.

if there’s anything I believe about my history lessons it’s that and we must avoid that in Ukraine.

we must avoid this fate of Ukrainian fighters who don’t have the dream of a chance.

Putin himself admitted for every five Ukrainian soldiers one Russian soldier dies, while not only Putin but nobody wants to see these young fools waste themselves on some old guys’ wars instead of building their own houses and feeding their own families, not US American, Canadian and Ukrainian shareholders.

As a result of the capitulation in the April of 1945, luckily but also like a never healing wound, sadly looking at the souls who paid for the deal in blood, sweat, tears, gazillions of dollars and lives. arms deals are extremely restricted in Germany. Looking at the way Dr Reiner Füllmich is treated in Germany right now, I don’t think it’s very far-fetched to extrapolate, that, in recent history, there’s been some fascist collusion that allowed for plenty of exemption – exceptions of the rule.

how come the allies knew that steel industries colluded with the governments almost automatically result in the need for a war?!

Because like Ukraine today, Germany was only used as an outpost for anti-Russia, Colonial American imperialism.

it is that American back room designing those wars planning those wars hiding those attacks from Congress spinning the reporting in their propaganda channels. It was that US American back room bombing and exploding the two gas pipelines in the north sea carrying Russian gas to Germany.

It was that American backroom exploding election documentation in Nashville, never heard much about it anymore, have you?!

Documents of the time formulate „the entire German people turned into a US American army, and Hitler was really installed to seduce the German people into the „total war“ with Russia, to defeat Russia !

I mean that is so laughable it seemed ridiculous when I first got to that in my history lessons, but now it’s beyond ridiculous.

We Germans should know so much better, understand and warn our Ukrainian friends families and neighbours, that you cannot win wars against Russia – we tried two times already.

and in fact nobody in their right mind in Europe would even come up with such a thought and entertain that as a way of life where the war is the purpose and the endgame because in war no government needs to respect any rights – all transparency is gone, all the accountability lies in the hands of the victor.

that is probably the most important point in this presentation : that the west really has obsoleted themselves because they’re morally bankrupt and do things the same way as China did still does, Russia did still does, North Korea, everybody we don’t like and, please tell me you all, should I even say „we“, because I grew up in West Germany and I was born when that post second world war Germany was still divided – so what am I ? part of the west, part of the east ? my family: all Prussian ! my cousins all live in Poland, France, Germany, Mexico and NewZealand !

That’s how government likes it. Governments that are not governments but corporate entities solely in the business of exploiting the resources which because of the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution is terribly limited, which is why the premeditated Covid panic was so happily adopted and extended into all G7 member states – The heartbreak I experienced watching my fellow North Americans throw their most precious law documents in the fire instead of demanding the respect for their rights, will be impossible to word, and also very few people will understand.

that morally superior place seems gone latest since 2019.

and Putin sure fails the American back room to get played like the villain – Trump was a better candidate for that, seems to however have smartened up since that hydroxychloroquine experience. yeah in fact it works very well especially if you give it with the right cofactors at the right time like any medication – if you don’t if you screw up the dosage, you’ll do more damage than you do good!

but that would be common sense and that seems to be longer out of fashion than only since 2019, where we also said goodbye to logic and reason.

as a fervent admirer of the United States Constitution And a freedom lover, I can only be a pacifist !

I pray to all good spirits in the universes, that the Ukrainians are not going to suffer the same fate than the Germans in the second world war and those very, very cold and hungry years after that.

All my relations

The masks begin to fall off! “The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by GlaxoSmithKline, which (accidentally) owns Pfizer!” (the one who makes the vaccine against the virus which (accidentally) started at the Wuhan Biological Lab and which was (accidentally) funded by Dr. Fauci, who (accidentally) promotes the vaccine! “GlaxoSmithKline is (accidentally) managed by the finance division of Black Rock, which (accidentally) manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation), which (accidentally) manages the French AXA!” Soros (accidentally) owns the German company Winterthur, which (accidentally) built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by the German Allianz, which (coincidentally) has Vanguard as a shareholder, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Black Rock, which (coincidentally) controls central banks and manages about a third of global investment capital. “Black Rock” is also (coincidentally) a major shareholder of MICROSOFT, owned by Bill Gates, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Pfizer (which – remember? sells a miracle vaccine) and (coincidentally) is now the first sponsor of the WHO! Now you understand how a dead bat sold in a wet market in China has infected the WHOLE PLANET!””
Folks, for the Deep State this is not about protecting the people, preventing the spread or a cure for the virus, this is about greed, corruption, power and control for them…
Now you know pass it on until whole world knows

Kennedy the only candidate to beat Trump

This comes to us from the Kennedy Shanahan campaign as always donations are allowed only for American citizens.

That whole thing needs a big review because so many more people are affected by the outcome of this election then the citizens of the United States.

First and foremost permanent US residents are also affected by the outcome of this election and then millions and millions of Canadians will also be affected by the outcome as well as probably about 10 times more Mexicans.

We should all be allowed donating to the candidate that is right for us!

<<The biggest obstacle Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has faced as a presidential candidate so far is people thinking he can’t win. But we have a reliable poll that shows otherwise. A massive 50-state poll from Zogby – the most robust poll yet on the outcome of the 2024 presidential election – shows that RFK Jr. can win! The poll asked over 26,000 likely voters who they would vote for in three head-to-head scenarios and found:

  • Biden vs. Trump: Trump wins by a comfortable margin.
  • Trump vs. Kennedy: Kennedy wins in a close race.
  • Kennedy vs. Biden: Kennedy wins in a landslide.

If you know anything about polling, 26,000 is a massive sample size, compared to the much smaller samples mainstream media outlets use. Zogby’s polling is the most statistically accurate presidential poll to date! These results mean President Biden cannot beat President Trump in any matchup. The only scenario in which Trump does not win this election is in a head-to-head against Robert F. Kennedy Jr!

These results are a game-changer. They prove that RFK Jr. is the candidate who can unite Americans and lead our country to a brighter future. But to turn these winning chances into a reality, we need your financial help today. Even with historic polling numbers, 20% of the electorate is still unaware Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for President. By investing in our campaign today, you are helping us build the momentum and resources we need to secure victory in 2024! Even if you have donated before, please stand with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and help us send a message to the DC Establishment: It’s time for new leadership and hope in the White House! We can and will win in November with your help today!Team Kennedy

Instragram RFK
Tik Tok RFK
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The Historic Concept of “Judicial Notice” Has Been Twisted by Canadian Courts

The Historic Concept of “Judicial Notice” Has Been Twisted by Canadian Courts

Once Embraced to Allow “Generally Accepted Facts” into Court Proceedings Quickly & Efficiently, “Judicial Notice” Now Means Courtrooms Must Accept Government Propaganda Without Question.


MAY 26

The “gold standard” of legal discussions relating to “judicial notice,” is Jeffrey Millar’s 2017 publication, “The Law of Judicial Notice,” the first widely available standalone Canadian reference book on the topic. For more on the publication, please click on the graphic above. 

The historic doctrine of “Judicial Notice” was always considered to be an exception to the fundamental Canadian legal rule that matters relevant to legal actions must be established through formal proof, witnesses and/or independent evidence. 

The concept was considered to be a practical compromise necessary for the efficient operation of Canadian courts. It saved time and court resources by eliminating the need for formal proof of well-known facts. 

Judges were generally required to apply a two-part test to determine when judicial notice is appropriate.

  1. Notorious Facts: These are facts that are considered common knowledge among reasonable people. Examples could include universally known scientific laws, historical events, or geographical features.
  2. Easily Verifiable Facts: These are demonstrably true facts sourced highly reliable sources, such as official government publications, legal statutes, or recognized almanacs.

While the 1985 Canadian Evidence Act opened the door for the use of judicial notice in “all Acts of Parliament, public or private, without being specially pleaded,” there were limitations placed on “Imperial proclamations, orders in council, treaties, orders, warrants, licences, certificates, rules, regulations or other Imperial official records, Acts or documents.”

According to the Evidence Act, those proclamations and documents could be used in court:

  • In the same manner as they may from time to time be provable in any court in England;
  • By the production of a copy of the Canada Gazette, or a volume of the Acts of Parliament purporting to contain a copy of the same or a notice thereof; or
  • By the production of a copy of them purporting to be published by the Queen’s Printer

But acceptance of official government publications and other sources of “easily verifiable facts” came initially with caveats.

For example, as outlined in the 1980 Alberta Law Review post on “Judicial Notice,” a matter was traditionally noted as being appropriate for use only when it was:

… taken as true without the offering of evidence by the party who should ordinarily have done so because the matter is so notorious that it will not be disputed.”

While uncommon, a party could contest a judge’s use of judicial notice on appeal. This would normally involve arguing that the fact in question doesn’t meet the criteria for notoriety or verifiable accuracy. 

Judicial notice was at the core of the highly contentious, R. v. S. (R.D.), [1997] 3 S.C.R. 484 case (R. v. S. (R.D.)), which remains to this day a leading and often referenced Supreme Court of Canada decision on the matter.

It established the rules for determining reasonable apprehension of bias in the court system by judges, and of establishing limits to the application of social context in judging. In paragraph 115 of the judgement, the court noted:

…in the context of the current appeal, it is vital to bear in mind that the test for reasonable apprehension of bias applies equally to all judges, regardless of their background, gender, race, ethnic origin, or any other characteristic.

A judge who happens to be black is no more likely to be biased in dealing with black litigants, than a white judge is likely to be biased in favour of white litigants. All judges of every race, colour, religion, or national background are entitled to the same presumption of judicial integrity and the same high threshold for a finding of bias.

Of course, time marches on. 

The hard fought social, political and legal conclusions from 1997 seem to have been forgotten in at least some circles. 

Over the last few years, the concept of “judicial notice,” has been twisted by the courts to include highly controversial political concepts such as “climate change“ “systemic racism,” and “forth wave feminism,” especially when bolstered by official government statements, whether or not a consensus exists that “the matter is so notorious that it will not be disputed.”

For example, there’s a lot of criticisms of the concept of “systemic racism” by critics who generally note that:

  1. The notion of systemic racism oversimplifies complex societal issues by attributing them solely to race and overlooking the role of individual actions and decisions in perpetuating inequalities. This perspective suggests that systemic explanations may not capture the full complexity of social dynamics and may inadvertently absolve individuals of responsibility for their actions.
  2. Critics often challenge the broad categorizations of racism as “institutions” or “systemic,” arguing that these categories can encompass a wide range of behaviors and conditions that may not necessarily be racist in nature. Differences in educational outcomes or employment rates could be attributed to a variety of factors beyond racism, including socioeconomic status, cultural background, and personal choices. 
  1. The idea that systemic racism exists independently of individual prejudices and institutional practices, risks reducing racism to a set of impersonal forces that operate outside the control of individuals, thereby diminishing the agency of those who experience its effects. 
  2. Since traditional concepts of law depend on the concept of individual choices and the consequences of those choices, the concept of anything being “systemic” and influencing individual choice to the point where individual agency doesn’t matter, is deeply destructive to the core concepts of western jurisprudence. 

Despite the practical criticisms, at least some political philosophies are now assumed to be so obviously true and verifiable, they need not be questioned in Canadian public discourse or in the courts.

An example of this bias is the core thesis of the December 14th, 2023 CBC News post, “How can Toronto police address anti-Black racism?

Systemic racism” is also referenced in a a recent June 23rd, 2022 Lerners post, “A Step In the Right Direction: Judicial Notice of Racism Impacting Black Businesses upheld by the Court of Appeal for Ontario in 8573123 Canada Inc. (Elias Restaurant) v. Keele Sheppard Plaza Inc., 2021 ONCA 371.” 

As noted in the article title, the formal name of the case is 8573123 Canada Inc. (Elias Restaurant) v. Keele Sheppard Plaza Inc., 2021 ONCA 371. It’s commonly shortened to the “Elias Restaurant case,” and is well worth taking a look at.

According to paragraph 7 of the actual court documents:

The application judge found that the affidavits of the Landlord and its agents were “almost a caricature of racially derogatory themes”. Moreover, the Landlord’s position was logically inconsistent – they wished to evict a family-run business to have more “family-oriented customers” and they complained of drinking on the premises when the Tenant’s business was licensed to sell alcohol and it was permitted in the lease. The application judge observed that the Landlord’s “economic” justification for seeking a new tenant, combined with the Landlord’s statements about the nature of the Tenant’s clientele, suggested that the Landlord’s desire to replace the Tenant was motivated by racism, rather than the prospect of higher rent.

It a fair assessment focused, as a legal decision should be, around specific inconsistencies of the Landlord’s publicly stated position as presented in court documents.

But the Lerners overview of the case seems to have forgotten all of those listed specifics. According to the Lerner’s post:

The Court of Appeal for Ontario concluded that Justice Morgan (the justice presiding over the case) was entitled to take judicial notice of anti-Black racism in Canada. Further, Justice Morgan was entitled to conclude that racism was relevant to the refusal (of the landlord in the case) to negotiate a renewal (with the tenant involved in the case).

The law of equity involves, in a broad sense, striving to assess and provide fairness. Racism involves unfair treatment. This case is a reminder to parties and their counsel to consider and address the effect of racism not just in jury selection or sentencing, but also in commercial settings.

So while the actual court decision in the Elias Restaurant case broke no new ground, the overall impression provided by Lerners and others was of a court decision which automatically benefited one specific color of skin (the ”Blacks”) in Canadian court rooms at the expense of everyone else. 

According to Lerners, the specific intentions or actions of the two parties involved in the Elias Restaurant case, didn’t matter. Statements of facts, actions, motivations and intent were considered subordinate to automatically accepted systemic or “anti-black racism” and must be judged as such because of the acceptance of 

This was an error on the part of one of the top law firms in Canada. But while the Lerners assessment of the decision was incorrect, it’s assessment of the Elias Restaurant case was widely quoted and accepted as gospel in legal circles.

If Lerners comes out in public favoring the use of judicial notice to support obviously unequal and unfair political concepts like “systemic racism,” you just know the legal landscape has changed, and not for the better. 

Three years before the Elias Restaurant case came into the public eye, the Federal government began consultations with various stakeholders on “Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy.”

Their findings, most recently updated in the April 18th, 2024 Canadian government post, “Deepening Understanding, Developing Ideas: A Cross-Country Conversation on Anti-Racism,” are influencing and affecting Canadian laws. 

The concepts contained within the government’s post are considered demonstrably true, at least by Liberal supporters of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, since they are referenced in official government publications Canadian courts consider to be highly reliable sources.”

So the concepts are allowed into courts under judicial notice, without formal proof, witnesses and/or independent evidence. 

People unfamiliar with the core concepts of Canadian legal jurisprudence or unaware of the 1997 Supreme Court R. v. S. (R.D.)decision assume this is a good thing. 

But its not. 

Prior to the great pandemic of 2020 – 2022, the use of “judicial notice” was reserved for social science matters only, and never invoked for medical practices or independently verifiable questions of science.

But no longer. 

Despite criticisms by others, including acknowledged medical experts and sitting opposition members of parliament during question period, Federal government pronouncements regarding science and medicine are now assumed to be so obviously true and verifiable, they need not be questioned by the courts.

They are accepted as facts under judicial notice.

This makes it very easy for the courts to be used as an adjunct to support Canadian Federal government political policy and completely reverses the courts traditional role as a separate branch of government capable of drawing independent conclusions often at odds with the government of the day.

As noted in the August 22nd, 2022 Julien Payne Linked-In post “Covid-19, Judicial Notice,” courts across Canada: 

…have made various findings with regard to the scope of judicial notice related to the pandemic, the risk it poses to children, and the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. 

Those findings include:

  • The risk it poses to children, and the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. 
  • The “presumption” that being vaccinated against COVID-19 is in the best interests of children, unless there is a compelling reason not to do so.
  • That contracting COVID-19 poses many serious and significant health risks to both children and adults. 
  • The assumed “safety” and “effectiveness” of the vaccines. 

Those findings were traditionally decided outside of the courts using scientific methodologies and experimental evidence, but not anymore.

Payne notes that, at least when his document was written, there was only one reported case where judicial notice has been taken of the risks of the COVID‑19 vaccine and only a few cases in which the courts were not prepared to take judicial notice of the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

Julian Payne, is one of Canada’s pre-eminent family law specialists. 

He has taught family law at the universities of Alberta, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, and Western University. He was awarded the Law Society Medal by the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2002 and was made a member of the Order of Canada in 2004.

As far back as the early 2000’s, experts were beginning to note the overuse of the concept of “judicial notice” in Canadian courts. In the 2003 paper “Judicial Notice: How Much is Too Much,” Justice Ian Binnie suggests the use of judicial notice has become the rule in Canadian courts, not the exception. 

The April 17th, 2023 Law Times post, “Courts can rely on government recommendations on COVID-19 vaccination, find two recent rulings,” notes that:

Two recent appeals at the Ontario Divisional Court have confirmed that courts can rely on government-published recommendations concerning the COVID-19 vaccine when assessing the best interests of the child.

The post noted that:

Both cases tell us that Government-published edicts are admissible and reliable hearsay. In other words, s. 25 of the Ontario Evidence Act is alive and well,” says Toronto family lawyer Gene Colman.

So whatever the government says is now acceptable in an Ontario court of law as “reliable hearsay” under section 25 of the Ontario Evidence Act.

In essence, if the Federal government says it’s true, then it’s true. 

Since most of the above documentation was originally published, places like the “Behind the FDA Curtain: WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Reports,” an independent collaboration of “over 3,250 physicians, RNs, medical investigators, and other expert volunteers analyzing thousands of pages of internal Pfizer and Moderna documents released under court order,” have uncovered uncomfortable and contrary evidence about the safety and effectiveness of Covid vaccines.

And science, always changing, dependent on public “peer review” and the independent verification of results, no longer supports government pronouncements on medical care. 

The matter is no longer “so notorious” that it will not, and cannot, be disputed.

But in the courts, burdened by the precedents supporting previous decisions and hampered by the use of judicial notice to support those earlier decisions, will find it increasingly difficult to reconcile current and future court decisions with the reality of what’s actually going on. 

On July 19th, 2018, the Canadian Association for Security & Intelligence Studies (CASIS) held its sixth roundtable meeting themed by a presentation on “A Canadian Perspective on Lawfare.” The presentation focused on Canada’s use of lawfare techniques for both “domestic” and “international” security. 

Some commentators have gone so far as to note the breakdown of the traditional independence of the judiciary and the rise of “lawfare,” essentially the use of the court system to enforce political beliefs and policies such as “systemic racism.

They note that systemic racism, with its focus on the past actions of groups instead of the specific actions of individuals, undermines the core concepts of 150 plus years of Canadian jurisprudence focused around individual responsibility. 

The 2016 book, “Lawfare: Law as a Weapon of War,” provides “a coherent cascade of examples of twenty-first century political forces using law as a policy tool to achieve warlike aims,” at least according to Matt Welch’s review of the book

The book focuses on the use of legal concepts, including judicial notice to enforce foreign and domestic policy objectives. 

And while sometime those objectives are just, sometimes they’re not. Their intent is not to dispense justice. Their intent is to win the battle. 

The Canadian Association for Security & Intelligence Studies(CASIS), explicitly discussed the use of lawfare in its July 19th, 2018 roundtable discussion on “A Canadian Perspective on Lawfare.” 

It’s noteworthy that presentation focused on Canada’s use of lawfare techniques for both “domestic” and “international” security. 

Legal experts in Canada should explore these concepts in order to prevent the Canadian justice system from being co-opted by “bad actors,” in government and elsewhere looking to pervert justice to their own ends. 

A good place to begin is with the concept of “judicial notice.” 

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Senate Hearing transcript: M.A.I.D is like drowning

shocking revelations but notice the propaganda embedded: JP denies once more causality, when it comes to the proliferation of the human race and the effects of hormone mimicking surface pollutants out of mining and fossil fuel refining which in fact push the spectrum into the feminine and create more people who are not extremely male nor extremely female. As every distribution follows the #Gauss’ Graph (that is why you have to have a certain amount of participants in your study before you can prove any causality, remember?) logically, of course there are people who are in the middle or on the outskirts of the two genders and feel like they’re the opposite gender in the wrong body, some hermaphrodite thing, they’re bisexual – it’s really a private matter ! and to focus on what exact size anybody’s genitals have, is Nazi perversion. OK, that’s what the Nazis did ! don’t be fooled – it’s kind of strange that Jordan Peterson rides around this perfectly made up and scientifically unsubstantiated position – furthermore any and all of the literature Jordan Peterson mentioned, has been de-bunked as the wet dream of paedophile, mostly male researchers, fantasizing about underaged children. How about some words on how our young boys are getting indoctrinated to become soldiers and aggressive oppressors / entitled dictators instead of family fathers – people who are concerned for their loved ones and instead are thinking, breathing and acting out every day that everything is about them and their accomplishment, putting the original lifestyle of North America, where women and clan mothers controlled everything, made all the decisions, had the last word on everything on its head.

In the end of her presentation to which everybody should listen, the lady says, some people deserve to be waterboarded to death (!) – OK that is grossly against code and Youtube should interpret this as an invitation, even instigation to violence, because when people do wrong in this country they get a trial – a fair and independent trial and only when a judge finds them guilty after presentation and assessment of evidence, they receive a judgement, then they will be imprisoned or doing community work, lots of options – that’s how it works, nobody in this country is just gonna be killed because somebody else perceived, they did something wrong – that is LYNCH JUSTICE and MOB RULE – it’s hard to imagine that JP did not frame that very irresponsible comment in any way to illustrate how theoretic that position actually is, at least adding a distancing from that position after that statement, but nothing – in any case: it should never be voiced on the air to an audience – after producing under the professional media standards such as inclusivity, privacy and a zero-harassment policy in respect to the choice of language, it remains shocking to me, having verbiage like that on the air – you know with a reach like that, with millions of views – despicable ! that is how propaganda / controlled opposition work – say the truth and mix in one lie or – people don’t notice it, because almost everything else is actually true.

And the fact that Youtube is not taking this video down, even so it contains obvious code violations, speaks volumes to something else other that the obvious going on in this channel.

And wouldn’t you know it, doing the hustle up n down the 1000 Islands Parkway, just so happen to talk to a bar tender, who worked at the Brockville General Hospital and assured me, that two years ago when he was still there, there were lots of terminally ill people administered eol treatment, but not with any of the drugs mentioned in the clip – instead they used a narcotic and painkiller, then potassium to stop the heartbeat. Patients would fall asleep and not feel any pain, no drowning sensation.

leave me some comments, people – is it just me or what is going on?

Measuring genocide within the GABI dictate – the maiming and killing history of the pseudo-vaccine apparatus now and then


9. There was a wide range of consequences of encephalitis. Many of these were subtle and insidiously altered the child’s personality, commonly making them hyperactive, hypersexual less empathetic, and generally uncomfortable with their environment. Many of these traits in turn were also seen in violent criminals and disruptive children (who frequently then went on to become violent criminals).

10. Coulter then collected numerous case histories of violent and sociopathic criminals demonstrating that they displayed many of the exact same signs (e.g., cranial nerve issues) seen in victims of encephalitis (be it from vaccination or a natural infection). This included detailed reviews of infamous criminals who precisely fit the post-encephalitic pattern such as Ted Bundy.

11. Coulter also provided numerous statistics and studies which showed violent criminals had dramatically higher rates of brain damage and neurologic dysfunction. Many of the studies he cited (e.g., one of 321 excessively violent individuals showed 90-100% had demonstrable brain dysfunction) found these defects occurred at 5-10 times the rates seen in the general population).

Note: the associations shown in the papers Coulter compiled are also supported by modern research and hence are generally accepted. Additionally, newer research made possible by functional MRIs also show that violent or sociopathic criminals often have significant brain damage and lack the normal functions other humans have.

12. Coulter cited numerous statistics showing a small minority of the population committed a majority of the violent crimes that occurred and evidence showing the crimes in the post DPT era were often much more brutal and sociopathic.

The traits commonly associated with MBD in turn were as follows:

Note: these were also frequently observed to be consequences of encephalitis and often clustered together. Additionally, quite a few of these are now known to occur more frequently in violent criminals.

• Hyperactivity (this was by far the most commonly associated trait with MBD).

Note: there is a well-known association between hyperactivity and stimulant drug use or violent crime. Many authors (e.g., psychiatrist Gabor Maté) in turn have argued many people become drug addicts because they have untreated ADD (which we typically treat with pharmaceutical amphetamines—which unfortunately, like the SSRI antidepressants, can cause violent psychosis).

• Frequent drug and alcohol use.

• Hypersexuality. Often this sexuality was detached from having any type of connection to the other person and sometimes gave rise to a variety of unusual sexual fetishes or preferences.

Note: this goes hand in hand with the emotional blunting frequently observed after encephalitis. Additionally, one of the most common types of dementia (which results from poor blood flow to the brain) is characterized by hypersexual behavior.

• Feeling overwhelmed by and not in control of their environment.

• Having difficulty organizing their thoughts or remembering their past experience.

Note: this includes a flattening of one’s affect when remembering their questionable conduct from the past, an inability to empathize with those who were affected by it and in many of the case histories Coulter compiled, a complete amnesia of it.

• A very short attention span (and paradoxically in a few cases, instead an obsessive and greatly excessive attention span).

• Being impulsive and easily triggered into having violent outbursts (from both external stressors and internal ones such as a severe headache).

• Headaches (which sometimes necessitated banging their head against a wall).

• A high incidence of seizure disorders: epilepsy, tics, tremors, choreiform (twisting) movements, facial grimaces, infantile spasms, and others. There were also frequently overt signs (e.g., EEG abnormalities) and subtle signs (e.g., poor coordination) of these disorders.

• While some children with MBD had above average intelligence, on average their IQ was below average.

•Bed-wetting in childhood, typically occurring in conjunction with a sleep disorder (that often had features such as teeth-grinding, night sweats, nightmares, and night terrors). Sometimes this is also accompanied by loss of bowel control (e.g., ectopresis).

• Poor visual-motor coordination, clumsiness and a lack of grace to their movement (e.g., “impaired hopping ability, and a tendency to walk on the toes”).

• Decreased sensation to external painful stimuli.

• Left-handedness or ambidexterity.

Note: I know numerous people with DPT injuries this happened to.

• Various processing disorders. These include dyslexia (difficulty reading), dysgraphia (difficulty writing), dyscalcula (difficulty with numbers), impaired speech (e.g., stuttering or stammering), paucity of speech or mutism, hearing disorders (e.g., audiomotor incoordination, auditory imperceptions or deficits, developmental receptive language disorder, high-frequency hearing loss, or hypersensitivity to sound).
Note: the perceptual disturbances often were accompanied with a difficulty telling left from right or up from down.

• Excessive sleepiness and a wide range of sleep disturbances (including new sleep disorders the medical community had not previously witnessed such as “delayed sleep phase syndrome,” a condition where one cannot fall asleep until 3 or 4 in the morning).

• Frequent food allergies (along with conduct worsening when those foods were consumed).
Note: other neurological diseases (e.g., schizophrenia and autism) have also been observed to improve after allergens such as gluten are completely eliminated from the diet.

• Appetitive disturbances (e.g., anorexia or bulimia). It was noted that this complication of encephalitis far more frequently affected females, whereas hyperactivity more frequently affected males.

• A strong desire to seek out music due to the rhythmicity and stability it provides.

• Being highly disruptive and violent from a very young age.


Sources in this channel

CDC: obvious damage control reveils criminal, psychopathic, dysfunctional management

It is a common misconception to expect objectivity from one media outlet – the fact is, objectivity is nothing but a fiction !

only if the media market is undisturbed can there be such as a 360 view of a certain issue, meaning all opinions and positions are freely expressed in that market. That would however require that governments stay away from the temptation to brand information they don’t like as mis – or „disinformation“!

Here is what the most popular candidate amongst the under 35 has to say about that:

Without transparency, there is no such thing as a Republic. 

Shocking, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a paper about myocarditis from COVID-19 vaccinations.There’s just one problem: The entire 148-page report is redacted! What good is a report if an entire study is unreadable? The level of arrogance and contempt for the public in releasing an entirely redacted document is extraordinary. The CDC is thumbing their nose at the Freedom of Information Act–and they’re thumbing their nose at accountability, honesty and they are telling you they don’t care about your health. RFK Jr. is going to change this when he moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You see, without transparency, there is no such thing as a Republic. That’s why, when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. becomes president, the CDC won’t get to decide what the public sees, and they won’t be able to hide their mistakes. Under an RFK Jr. Administration, everything, and we mean everything, will be out in the open. You and I will no longer need attorneys, courts, or judges, or FOIA’s, to discover the truth. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will require 100% transparency and accountability from every single one of the 438 Federal Agencies and every single penny of the $6.2 trillion budget. Please support Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign today. We need to spend more than $15 million to obtain ballot access in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. By contributing, you’re supporting medical liberty and science. Please donate now before it’s too late! CONTRIBUTE $5CONTRIBUTE $10CONTRIBUTE $24CONTRIBUTE $100 CONTRIBUTE $240CONTRIBUTE OTHER AMOUNTTeam

P.S. — From Day 1 of the manufactured COVID-19 hysteria, Kennedy has been sounding the alarm about the origins of the pandemic and the harm caused by the extraordinary overreach of vaccine mandates and lockdowns. Kennedy was the most outspoken defender of our medical liberties and the war against science. Kennedy is being silenced and attacked because he’s a real force against the establishment and the status quo. That’s why recently, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and outside Republican groups are conspiring to stop Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign. Party bosses know that Kennedy can win the White House and make history. With your gift today, we will continue to make history and win the White House for WE THE PEOPLE.

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Donate today to put a Kennedy back in the White House — Elect Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as President to unite America in 2024! Make sure to join us on Social Media to help spread our campaign’s message and put Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in the White House!PAID FOR BY TEAM KENNEDY

Would you like help donating? 
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Behind the TikTok ban

Democracy requires open public debate based on freely available information. 
Congress is taking extraordinary measures to shut down the popular TikTok platform. As always, the political elites invoke “national security” to justify their assault on our constitutional rights and freedoms. On TikTok, Team Kennedy is having incredible success spreading Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s message of protecting the environment, stopping regime change wars, medical freedom, and expanding America’s middle class.TikTok is especially popular with young voters, and our success on the platform shows why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is leading a nationwide poll among voters under 35.President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have endorsed banning TikTok. But it goes far beyond that. The new legislation allows the President to ban ANY platform, software, or website, as long as he deems it to be guided by America’s adversaries. That gives the President dictatorial power over freedom of speech and the press.Democracy is more than elections. It requires open public debate based on freely available information. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s fight to get on the ballot is part of a much bigger crusade to restore genuine democracy in America.He can only win this fight with your help. Even if you have already made an urgent contribution, please make another one today!CONTRIBUTE $5CONTRIBUTE $10CONTRIBUTE $24CONTRIBUTE $100 CONTRIBUTE $240CONTRIBUTE OTHER AMOUNTThe stakes are high, and you have the power to shape the outcome of this historic election. Please contribute today, and let’s put rational, hopeful, visionary thinking back in the White House in November.Team KennedyTeamKennedy.comP.S. Please donate right now and put a Kennedy back in the White House. It’s time to unite America in 2024. It’s time to unite America in 2024. Join us on TikTok, contribute, and spread the word about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President.

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Donate today to put a Kennedy back in the White House — Elect Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as President to unite America in 2024!Make sure to join us on Social Media to help spread our campaign’s message and put Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in the White House!PAID FOR BY TEAM KENNEDY

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Gatineau enforcement vexing municipal courts

dear supporters,

welcome to a few observations from my audition in the Gatineau courthouse where judge Martin Gosselin presided over the session on 19 Fev 2024.

After listening to the proceedings of 4, 5 to 6 different cases (where I couldn’t help wondering, why this wasn’t gonna be held in a private room but in two big rooms, where strangers were listening to the details, cross-examination of the cases scheduled!), I didn’t count them, my case was finally postponed to the 3rd of June 2024 which makes it a bit more than 2 years after the fact!

From the looks of it (two female interpreters translated between English and French and French and Arabic, a third one couldn’t make it to his scheduled appearance because he was apparently stabbed with a knife in a Montreal courthouse while on the job, Judge Martin Gosselin relayed to the room (!)”),

many people on the defendant’s bank were immigrants, fighting back the encroaching police state and rampant and ubiquitous incompetence and brutality by Gatineau police officers, protesting their vexatious, bureaucratic and quota motivated ticketing.

One defendant questioned one police officer over 24 minutes whether or not he had measured 400 m truthfully, and in my books he managed to raise doubt in the credibility of that police officer, who could not exactly recount what address the location was, where the cruiser ticketed that vehicle operator. Apparently one is only supposed to drive a maximum of 400 m on a middle lane that was conceived to give both traffic directions a lane to turn left, like for example on Maloney Boulevard, where my partner of 14 years had a residence that I frequently visited and occupied.

In another case a man, who seemed a small business operator, communicated with the officers via his wife on the phone after having been stopped for having his hands on the phone – to me it sounded like his van was stopped when he had his hands on the phone –

nobody ever asked that, though!

yet I believe, he received a ticket for driving with his hands on his mobile phone – so also there it was very questionable when it came to the behaviour of the police officers and it was also relayed to the room that this man’s case had been postponed already a few times and he urged court to at least question his wife, who was not gonna be able to appear a third time before the court in vain.

Every single defendant was unhappy with the ticketing and criticized the scheduling of the court, having difficulties affording the fines and making time for the court sessions.

That prompted Judge Martin Gosselin at some point to nonchalantly say, “c’est la vie”, referencing to the fact that if the accused contest their infraction, one would have to go through the motion and the financial effort to lose that day of work without compensation and implying it should be worth that sacrifice, all the while sitting on six grand per month plus plus plus!

Especially in light of the fact that in Germany anybody attending court for whatever reason is entitled to a re-compensation if they lose work in order to testify in somebody’s case or defend their own case, that attitude seems inappropriate, and in the same way inappropriate and criminal, breaking constitutional laws as it is to coerce people into taking medical treatments and then tell them, “well, that was your choice”.

Getting justice cannot ever be a question of a big bank account but that’s exactly how it works today.

When the judge finally called me up to postpone my case, I expressed my regrets for the officers having had to appear in court in vain, but I also didn’t insist on questioning them, seeing that the court wanted to move on to other cases or finish the case that had started right before I was being called up.

I then did ask the judge if he was aware of any regulation like in Germany to re-compensate witnesses and defendants in judicial cases in front of the Gatineau municipal court, and he declined.

I also asked him if there was any way to submit evidence before the next hearing and he declined that as well, pointing out, that there might be disadvantages to disclose evidence to the prosecution beforehand.

Canadian born people were giving testimony, were witnesses to the scheduled cases, and the other Canadians in the room were the officers. I noticed 5 to 6 officers who were scheduled to be questioned in ticket infractions they had ordained.

I tried to say hello to the officer who arrested and handcuffed me and I wanted to shake his hands, and he declined to shake my hand, explaining he doesn’t shake hands at all – he acted very defensively and did not return my acknowledgement, looking at his body language and reaction. He cast off a vibe as if he had been uncomfortable having been called to question.

My last exchange with Justice Martin Gosselin ended with him assuring me, that on the 3rd of June 2024, the hearing of my case was gonna start the session.

To park nearby in order to transport citations of law that I had in piles of folders for the court, I paid seven dollars for the maximum time of two hours to park at that location which was going into the pockets of the city of Gatineau – and even so as always when I park in my unceded, unconquered territory, I had my permit to park in my front window shield, yet, when I came back to my vehicle after 4 PM, I found a ticket over $40 with a $15 fee, so now I need to come up with an additional $55 because I attended my own court date, and I took it upon myself to document piles and piles of applicable common law for the court all in vain.

It is absolutely impossible to substantiate why anybody would pay such a ticket.

Is that justice?

no !

that is the proverbial “just us”.

my main take away is the way Gatineau police officers ticket the public begs the question if they are properly trained or not rather running after a certain quote that they need to bring home every month.

Current practises are indeed frivolous to the public and vexatious to the courts – that has to stop – we need to educate our police ourselves – stand united!

Google moves to censoring Métis / ASMIN information

The world’s biggest Internet search engine,


has deranked and thus « muzzled » ASMIN info on the net. See for yourself for what exactly that stands.

An unconquered, never surrendered north American tribe regrouping unbanded Métis, indigenous peoples’ tribes and all natives of Turtle Island who want to share wealth and resources

and leave the corporate oppression of Turtle Island behind.

as both sovereignty advocat Spiritwarrior and the internet website manager of that group rightfully pointed out: it is not controversial to talk about the freedom movement in South Africa on the occasion of Brian Mulroney‘s passing – but you can’t say <<sovereign>> while you are a native to North America, and you can’t claim sovereignty, because that’s controversial here at home!

PsychoGulag for military commander? Free political prisoners now, Québec!

Chers amoureux de la liberté,

dear freedom lovers,

SVP votre présence au court EN PERSONNE serait largement appreciée

Please consider attending IN PERSON the following court dates/hearings/trials:


Saint-Joseph-Beauce (Québec) GOS 2VO

Mardi 5 Tuesday, 5th of September 2023 in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce:

Court House, 795, avenue du Palais

418 397-7187 p

418 397 7968 f

Heures d’ouverture/opening hours

Du lundi au vendredi / Mon – Fri: 8.30-12h am et and 13 -16h / 1 -4pm


Mercredi Wednesday, 27th of September 2023 in Victoriaville:

800, boulevard Bois-Francs Sud

Victoriaville (Québec)

819 357-2054 p

819 357-5517 f

Heures d’ouverture/opening hours

Du lundi au vendredi / Mon – Fri: 8.30-12h am et and 13 -16h / 1 -4pm

Pour signaler votre proteste contre l’emprisonnement illegal de

To signal your protest to the ongoing illegal detention of

1. Political prisoner, legally blind military commander and medical fraud investigator

Daniel Pagé Gaumond,

till this day imprisoned in Québec city détention

2 file numbers for Daniel’s trial in in St Joseph de Beauce: 350-01-043479-234


Daniel’s trial in Victoriaville file no. 415-01-037195-227;

2. Political prisoner and sustainable building project manager

Jean Mark Paquin

est aussi toujours détenu de façon illegale à l’/ also remains in illegal detention at

Archambault Correctional Service of Canada

244, boulevard Gibson

Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines (Québec) J5N 1V8

450 478 5960 p

450 4787655 f

Pour plus des infos et liaison média svp télechargez l’info de presse per pdf d’içi et/où envoyez un courriel à

For background on both political prisoners, the time line of the assault and the brutal and defamatory, abusive treatment Daniel received since his arrest over a month ago (!), download the latest press release from this website as pdf

and/or please contact

general Paul Vallely at and

Susan Terry at

Pour se rendre en contact directe avec Daniel s’il vous plaît téléchargez l’appli textNow et choisissez un numéro du code municipal de la ville de Québec. Faites parvenir ce numéro avec vos coordonnées de média et vos questions à Paul et Susan et puis Daniel devrait être capable de vous répondre directement à vos questions en vous appelant sur votre numéro TextNow, comme les emprisonnés peuvent appeler de l’intérieur du prison sans procurer des charges additionnelles, et l’appli est gratuit.

Quand je l’ai essayé avec NextPlus, je n’étais pas capable d’acceder cette application je conclue à cause de mon VPN simulant le Japon et mon accès Canadien au magasin d’Apple pour télécharger l’appli.

Quand vous l’essayez mettez votre magasin Apple Your App Store au US États-Unis, et arrêtez votre VPN pour le temps de téléchargement?

vos solutions à ces problèmes sont toujours appréciées içi!

To get in touch with both wrongfully imprisoned gentlemen directly, please download the app textNow and choose a Quebec City area code phone number – Submit your phone number with your media credentials and/or questions to Susan and Howard, and Daniel will be able to answer your questions directly via that number at no additional charges, as prisoners can call out of prison without incurring collect charges, and the app is free.

When I tried to do that wit a different app, NextPlus, I was faced with an error prompt informing me that the service was not available in the region where I was at –

now that was with a Japanese VPN running at the same time and a Canadian Apple App Store access in order to download the app – try downloading without your VPN on and/or set your App Store to US? Please feedback and guide us if anybody has experience with this.

Nota Bene:

La première date n’est que deux semaines d’aujourd’hui, svp se rendre en contact directement avec les palaises de justice comme mentionné içi, Ou bien comment atteindre via zoom – et même s’ils refusent l’option digitale de participer dans la session, il faudrait insister qu’on a le droit d’accéder la justice comme la technologie le permet depuis 20 ans maintenant, au moins!

The first date is just 2 weeks from now, please inquire with the court what the exact time is, or how to attend via zoom; even if the court denies, we should argue and insist on our right to have access to the justice system as technology has been permitting for decades now.

La priorité reste de se montrer en personne pour signaler que le monde non seulement proteste la détention illégal d’un membre du service public mais ne tolère pas du tout un tel abus psycho-terreur .

Priority is on in person attendance, to signal that the world is not only watching, but not tolerating this abhorrend, Kafkaesque abuse straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock script.

Svp notez que les lieux et dates peuvent changer selon les coutumes et au besoin du schédule de justice çi-mentionnés.

Please note that dates and places are subject to change at the discretion of the courthouses’ scheduling customs and requirements.



Liberté toujours


Date blast by

US right to free speech consolidated

Having trouble viewing this email? View it in your web browser

“Courts follow culture, and the good news is that culture is shifting, and the truth is coming out.”

Dear Maren,

As millions of Americans savor the last “lazy days” of summer, we at Children’s Health Defense are heads down, storming our way through a blizzard of legal activity.

That’s why this month, I’ve returned from RFK Jr.’s presidential campaign . . . to focus on the legal battles so important to you, your children and the medical freedom movement.

It’s also why I’m urgently asking for your support today.

Please make a generous donation today to help us win these key legal battles for freedom.

There’s never been a better time than right now to take the battle for medical freedom and freedom of speech to the courts.

Why? Because courts follow culture — and the culture is shifting in our favor.

A few weeks ago — in a huge win for freedom of speech — a federal judge consolidated our class action lawsuit against Biden administration officials for colluding with tech giants to censor Americans on social media with a similar lawsuit, Missouri v. Biden.

The two legal teams are now collaborating to build an even stronger case against censorship . . . a case that will likely land in the U.S. Supreme Court.

This week, I attended a rally in New York on behalf of teachers fired for refusing to comply with New York City’s COVID vaccine mandate whose religious exemptions were arbitrarily denied.

With funding from CHD, the teachers sued the city and its education department. We’re now waiting on a decision to certify the lawsuit as a class action . . . which will open the door for 7,000 teachers to win back their jobs and back pay.

Also this week, we filed a series of motions in our landmark Trusted News Initiative lawsuit, Children’s Health Defense v. The Washington Post.

The TNI lawsuit accuses the BBC, The Washington Post, Reuters and The Associated Press of conspiring to destroy independent media to preserve Big Media’s monopoly profits over the information that reaches the public.

We look forward to exposing the unlawful behavior of media giants intent on silencing truthful, independent voices and securing damages from these corporations for their wrongdoing.

And finally this week, Dr. Meryl Nass — a distinguished medical doctor, fierce defender of medical freedom and member of CHD’s scientific advisory committee — went on the offensive and sued Maine’s medical board and its individual members for suspending her medical license and violating her First Amendment right to free speech.

CHD is providing financial and legal resources for this important lawsuit to shine a light on how physicians around the world were persecuted and threatened with the loss of their livelihoods merely for speaking out against the government’s suppression of effective treatments for COVID-19.

As you can see, it’s been a busy month.

These legal battles against censorship, medical tyranny, and the unprecedented attack on your constitutional rights may not be over, but with your support, CHD will keep fighting.

Please make a generous donation today to help us win these key legal battles for freedom.

Thank you.

In solidarity,

Mary Holland's signature
Mary Holland

Mary Holland
Children’s Health Defense

P.S. There’s never been a better time than right now to take the battle for medical freedom and freedom of speech to the courts. But we can’t do it without you. Please make a generous tax-deductible donation today to help us defend you and your family against medical tyranny.

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Plandemic. PCR is diagnostic fraud!–dr-wolfgang-wodard/?utm_source=luminate&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=chdtv

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False Pandemics | Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

‘False Pandemics’ By ‘Wolfgang Wodarg’ | Buy Now

The ‘False’ Pandemic: Drug Firms Cashed In On Scare Over Swine Flu, Claims Euro Health Chief

Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland | Global Preparedness Monitoring Board

Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland | World Economic Forum

Only 6 guns owned by Coutts 4 – all legal!

Donations to support legal action can be emailed to

RCMP did NOT isolate each gun – NOT dna and finger print sample each gun – instead « presented » this collection TOGETHER (thus obsoleting any further evidence securing, a criminal offense) as if it all belonged to the #Coutts4

#Stand4Thee on AB ruling: “This Is A Dictatorship”

It really speaks to the organization’s credibility and competence that #RebSheb and #JaneScharf are calling this charade out for what it is. good journalism doesn’t talk about the intentions, good journalism illustrates the result and consequences of that ruling, so thank you very much for that – I sure didn’t hear anybody in the Twitter space last nite

frame it as accurately as you just expressed that here – not #KeithWilson not the hosting party #EvaChipiuk – instead it seems the intention is to busy and preoccupy freedom lovers in lengthy, inconclusive or counterproductive lawsuits – how about detouring the entire system by claiming indigenous status as it is our right here in Canada #UNDRIP upon further regard we are all descendants of Native Americans at this point anyway (I was adopted and self-declared).

“This isn’t over!” This is not one dysfunctionality – the whole system is set up to disfunction ! the courts are a sham! they cannot understand and they cannot question how scientific fact this even substantiated! (The editor)

#dropTheFakeID #dumpTheColonizers

Too dangerous you say ? I’ve been the victim of so much police incompetency and abuse in an astounding, reocurring trampling of the Bill of Rights, that it seems a lot less dangerous to train our own police enforcement to the standards we democratically and in grassroot, people democracy, in application of trauma science for a change, could set – isn’t that tempting to you? I invite u to my own trial arguing that exact line with the province of Quebec who wilfully and intentionally abuses young and inexperienced enforcement officers to intimidate their native sisters and brothers and the free press.

PS we already have our own independent decentralized financial transaction system and private vault: – A little bit like riot and a little bit like Ikea!

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s check the Recording of the live zoom call to take home some perspectives and what to expect from the Alberta Court, the situation Alberta itself and fighting back against government controlmania in violation of all applicable laws in the courts in the rest of Canada. This comes from Stand4Thee:


While this is a win for the defendents. Here is where this case law creates a dictatorship for the rest of us.

The Alberta Minister of Health has just been given authority to act as a dictator with power to override our rights to create orders under Public Health Act WITHOUT first going through provincial parliament. The ruling states that it was “ultra vires” for the cabinet to vote on public health orders. as they should vote on it. Otherwise it’s a dictatorship from a Government appointed minister.

[520] In summary, I find that the impugned Orders are ultra vires section 29 of the Public Health Act in that the final decision makers were the cabinet and committees of cabinet, rather than the CMOH or one of her statutorily authorized delegates.”…/2023-07-31-DECISION-Ingram-v…

Now, let’s look at what the Alberta Public Health Act states”
“Isolation, Quarantine and Special Measures
Isolation and quarantine
29(1) A medical officer of health who knows of or has reason to suspect the existence of a communicable disease or a public health emergency within the boundaries of the health region in which the medical officer of health has jurisdiction may initiate an investigation to determine whether any action is necessary to protect the public health.
(2) Where the investigation confirms the presence of a communicable disease, the medical officer of health
(a) shall carry out the measures that the medical officer of health is required by this Act and the regulations to carry out, and
(b) may do any or all of the following:
(i) take whatever steps the medical officer of health considers necessary”…/latest/rsa-2000-c-p-37.html

Read that again “ take whatever steps the medical officer of health considers necessary” and WITHOUT needing to get a VOTE FROM CABINET.


A comment:

You ladies need to learn about The Alberta Prosperity Project A.P.P. And what their plans are. Alberta is so far ahead in how they are fighting the over reach of Ottawa. I left Ontario after 73 years to move to Alberta. These two lawyers are awesome. The entire Freedom Convoy has the west to thank for driving across Canada fighting for your freedom.

More info:

Please also consult my Facebook page compilation about the Ingram ruling in Alberta in fact declaring the health mandates unconstitutional

But also leaving open or opening wider all barn doors to randomly declare the next health emergency and start dictating again even more than we are already dictated to here in the northern part of turtle Island

Supreme Court Justice Alito on luxury vacay

Another Supreme Court justice has just been caught taking huge secret gifts from a right-wing billionaire — and this time it’s Justice Samuel Alito, the author of the decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Justice Alito was caught red-handed by ProPublica taking an undisclosed luxury vacation worth over $100,000 paid for by Republican megadonor and hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer and organized by Leonard Leo, the conservative superlobbyist credited with leading the right-wing takeover of the Supreme Court.1

Worse yet, in the years since Singer treated Alito to this extravagant vacation, his hedge fund has had cases before the Supreme Court at least 10 times. Justice Alito didn’t recuse himself once.

The Supreme Court is out of control and must be reined in with strong, binding ethics rules. That’s why Demand Progress Action is calling on Congress to immediately clean up the court by passing the Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act, which could finally force the Supreme Court to adopt a code of ethics.

Will you make a donation to Demand Progress Action to help pressure Congress to pass a Supreme Court code of ethics and push for other key reforms?Donate $10Donate $20Donate $40Or, donate another amount

According to the bombshell report from ProPublica, Republican megadonor Paul Singer took Alito on an all-expenses-paid trip to a luxury fishing lodge in Alaska that usually charges more than $1,000 a day. Alito also flew to Alaska on the billionaire’s private jet, a flight that would have cost over $100,000 if he’d chartered a jet himself.

Ethics experts say they can’t think of another time in the history of the Supreme Court that a justice has ruled on a case after receiving gifts like this paid for by one of the parties in the case.2

But after the news broke, Alito didn’t apologize or admit wrongdoing. Instead, he lashed out at ProPublica, claiming that he wasn’t required to disclose these gifts (he was) and attacking ProPublica.3

The Supreme Court is simultaneously the most powerful and least accountable branch of the federal government. The nine justices are appointed for life. They make their own rules and scorn transparency. Despite their virtually unchecked power, there are no rules on when they must recuse themselves or reveal potential conflicts of interest.4

It’s clear the Supreme Court cannot be trusted to follow basic ethical standards. To save the integrity of the judiciary, we need Congress to pass legislation imposing a legally binding code of ethics. But that will only happen if we can mobilize enough public support to demand that Congress take action.

Will you donate $10 to Demand Progress Action and support our work, including pressuring Congress to pass legislation imposing a code of ethics on the Supreme Court?

With gratitude for all that you do,

Tihi and the team at Demand Progress Action


1. ProPublica, “Justice Samuel Alito Took Luxury Fishing Vacation With GOP Billionaire Who Later Had Cases Before the Court,” June 20, 2023.
2. ProPublica, “Justice Samuel Alito Took Luxury Fishing Vacation With GOP Billionaire Who Later Had Cases Before the Court,” June 20, 2023.
3. The New York Times, “Justice Alito Defends Private Jet Travel to Luxury Fishing Trip,” June 21, 2023.
4. Brennan Center for Justice, “Brennan Center Urges Supreme Court Justices to Adopt a Code of Ethics,” September 24, 2019.

PAID FOR BY DEMAND PROGRESS ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Join our online community on Facebook or Twitter.

12 weeks of stalling prosecution of Chinese agents coming up

Canadian free journalist @DanNightMMA on the China interference nightmare

<<Good afternoon, fellow Canadians. As your vigilant observer, I want to share with you some concerning revelations brought to light at the PROC committee meeting yesterday. Investigative journalist #SamCooper unveiled the depth of foreign interference in our 2021 elections during his interview with #ErinO’Toole.

Cooper’s sources indicated that as far back as 2021, #CSIS was aware of #Chinese #Communist #Party (#CCP) #agents #tracking an #MP. Even more disconcertingly, these agents supposedly approached potential voters about this candidate, a move CSIS regarded as ‘coordinated and alarming.’ Cooper himself became a target of the CCP after he published his book detailing their foreign interference.

These revelations are deeply unsettling and prompt an urgent question: Why has the Trudeau government been so slow in responding to this alleged interference? If CSIS had been ringing alarm bells in 2021, why has the government’s response been so painfully lethargic and insufficient? Could it be that they have been turning a blind eye because they are directly benefiting from this interference?

It seems as though the Trudeau administration has been trying to sweep this issue under the carpet, resorting to filibustering at almost every turn, with the apparent hope that this story will gradually fade away. Trudeau has even gone as far as using his personal connections as a shield, appointing Special Rapporteur #DavidJohnson, a #Trudeau #Foundation member and a skiing buddy of #Trudeau’s father, in what appears to be a stalling tactic designed to usher in the #summer #break, in the hope that Canadians will have forgotten about #Chinese #interference by the time they return.

The Trudeau administration’s lack of urgency and transparency in addressing these allegations is more than a little troubling. We require swift and decisive action, not delay tactics and evasions. If there’s nothing to hide, why the reluctance to shine a light on these activities?

Our democratic processes, the safety of our elected officials, and the integrity of our nation should always be paramount. We cannot sit idly by while our democracy is threatened. It’s time to demand a thorough, independent, and public inquiry.

But as we call for this inquiry, we must also ask ourselves: What is the Trudeau administration really afraid of? Why this delay? Why the tactics? Why the lack of transparency? We must keep pressing for answers because our democracy, our sovereignty, and our very way of life are at stake. It’s time for Canadians to demand the truth and to hold those in power accountable. The integrity of our nation depends on it.>>


Kennedy candidacy benefits

This press release comes to us directly from Team Kennedy and in fact that more and more social media outlets move away from the lies of the fake pandemic that was established with a fraudulent test application does give the campaign a bit of an up drive, when silencing this very interesting candidate by ignoring his candidacy was the only thing the establishment had to continue to suppress the truth.

Join Kennedy

Dear Maren Isa,

As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s campaign gains momentum, elements of the mainstream media are moving beyond the initial ignore-and-dismiss to really take his candidacy seriously. This demonstrates now broad the readiness for real change has become in American society. 

Here is an opinion piece in The Hill: Why I believe RFK JR will be the 2024 Democratic nominee. It is significant because the writer, Douglass MacKinnon, has done his research and really gets the essence of RFK’s message and the core of his appeal. 

Let’s not leave out smaller, regional newspapers. Here is an excellent synopsis and commentary from the Desert Review on RFK Jr.’s interview on one of America’s top political shows, the All-in Podcast. The podcast itself is worth listening to in its entirety. As one commentator said:

“Even when I disagree with him, he makes coherent, intelligent arguments which is sorely lacking from both sides right now. I think the vast majority of Americans are tired of the lack of substance from both sides and of their complicity in the destruction of the working class. His message about the war and our economic situation here at home really is resonating with me. This guy is the real deal.”DONATE TODAY

Back to the mainstream: The Wall Street Journal’s Gerry Baker interviewed Robert F. Kennedy. Jr. for the Free Expressions podcast. Another Kennedy for President? 

In another breakthrough development, Instagram Announced it reinstated RFK, Jr.’s personal account that was banned in 2021 in the midst of his explosive rise in popularity during Covid restrictions. All 770,000 followers as well as his verified status returned on Sunday, as he prepared to speak with Elon Musk on the topic of social media censorship in Monday’s Twitter Spaces.

You’ll notice that the above link claims that Mr. Kennedy was banned for “spreading disinformation” about Covid. But that mantra is also ringing hollow as more and more mainstream outlets repudiate pandemic policy. See for example Newsweek’s recent piece, America’s Covid Response Was Based on Lies

Finally, to give you an idea of the breadth of RFK, Jr’s appeal, we’ll end with an article from a neither-Right-nor-Left Christian website, America Magazine. It asks us not to underestimate the appeal of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. We promise: we won’t!

To help keep this positive momentum going, please donate to the campaign. Thank you!


Team Kennedy

#TonyLyons hosting #DickRussell on his new #RFKJr #book

Who is ‘The Real RFK, Jr.?’ In this episode, author Dick Russell and publisher Tony Lyons look back at the career of Children’s Health Defense founder, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. They discuss his work in environmental advocacy, including efforts to clean up water pollution, protect children from heavy metals and support healthy farming practices. Watch the conversation on ‘Good Morning CHD.’


‘The Real Rfk, Jr.’ – Dick Russell

Another Kennedy Living Dangerously – Mark Leibovich (Published 2006)

Interview: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – Jimmy Langman

Futaleufú Riverkeeper

Salon Now

Our Future Is On The Line (Climate Change NRDCflix)

‘Deadly Immunity’ – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

‘Tobacco Science And The Thimerosal Scandal’ – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

About NRDC

Riverkeeper, Inc.

Hudson River PCBs

Waterkeeper Alliance

‘Hudson River Shows Signs Of Rebound After Decades As New York’s Sewer’ – The Guardian

Hudson Rising ( Exhibition)

The Hudson River Then And Now: A Brief History Of Water Quality

Hudson River’s Troy Lock & Dam: 100 Years And Going …

A Dozen Anti-Vaccine Accounts Are Responsible For 65% Of Disinformation Shared Online, New Report Finds

White House Turns Up Heat On Big Tech’s COVID ‘Disinformation Dozen’ | CNN Business

Majority Of COVID Misinformation Came From 12 People, Report Finds

‘Disinformation Dozen’ Unearthed As Force Behind Fanciful Vaccine Claims

Maximizing The Efficacy Of Glyphosate

About The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ On Amazon

‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ By RFK, Jr. 

Watch ‘The Real Anthony Fauci,’ A 2-Part Documentary Based On RFK, Jr.’S Runaway Bestseller

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Announces The Launch Of Children’s Health Defense

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Announces The Launch Of Children’s Health Defense – Laura Bono

Simpsonwood Documents (2017)

‘Scientific Review Of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information’ – Simpsonwood Retreat Center (June 7-8, 2000)

7th Chakra Films

1986:The Act – Trailer

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act Of 1986

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act Of 1986

Summary: H.R.5546 — 99th Congress (1985-1986)

Vaccine Makers Do Not Have To Compensate Victims When Their Vaccines Injure A Child

Vaccines Are Allowed To Have Side Effects. Some Vaccines Have Not Been Improved In 50 Years

Medical Marketing In The United States, 1997-2016

U.S. Pharma TV Ad Spend 2020 | Statista

Do Not Get Sold On Drug Advertising – Harvard Health

Prescription Drugs: Medicare Spending On Drugs With Direct-To-Consumer Advertising

Column: TV Commercials For Prescription Drugs ‘Doing More Harm Than Good’

Marketing Pharma Spending On Linear TV Ads Falls For First Time In Years, Accelerating Transition To Digital

Heated Vaccine Debate – Kennedy Vs. Dershowitz

TheFreedomOrg live stream


Are you ready to make a difference with us, because we couldn’t be more ready!

Not only did we want to message everyone to remind them to make their numbers count and their voices heard, but we wanted to take a minute and tell you ALL just how grateful we are to take a stand along side each and EVERY one of you that stands for truth and freedom with us, and beside us.

It’s NOT nor has it ever been about race, religion, ethnicity, or the language you speak, even though mainstream continues to portray us as such. It is NOT about ANY of the division tactics coming through the MSM and Government, but exactly THE OPPOSITE!

A fight for Freedom and truth FOR ALL Canadians!

A unifying factor for ALL Canadians who live in the truth regardless of the brush they are painted falsely with.

At 5pm PST/8pm EST we will meet you in TEAMS for the biggest online resistance Canada has ever seen.

Please ensure you have the TEAMS app downloaded (as you would for zoom)

Just before 5pm PST/8pm EST connect in the meeting via the following link:

Or go to our website at and select the option ”Join the Call”. There you will be connected.

*Please note Closed captioning will be available for those that require it.*

You ALL hold a very special place in our hearts, and we are so happy to have found you in this journey.


With Immense gratitude and Love

Amanda, Tania, Alicia, & Danielle

The Freedom Organization


Prosecute Pharmascists!

The Big Catch (Up): UN-FORTUNE-ATE
Promoting American Pharma:

Chelsea Clinton announces in a Pharma sponsored program (watch the video) the worlds largest Immunization Catch up program for children: “Global partners announce a new effort – “The Big Catch-up” – to vaccinate millions of children and restore immunization progress lost during the pandemic” . Chelsea also happens to stress the need for Public Private Partnerships (always a great slogan). It just so happens that two of the Big Pharma Four reside in the USA: Pfizer & Merck. Can this initiative be seen as nothing short of pure pharma propaganda? But it does not stop there.

“The pandemic-era rise in vaccine hesitancy—and outright rejection of vaccines—is “unfortunate,” she said, noting that she had tempered her words.” “I do think we need to have a much more robust conversation” she adds. Let us have that robust conversation. About vaccines, v-science and much more. That conversation is long overdue.

The interviewer: “you are also an investor”.

Clinton nods.


The Catch Up program is a cooperation of

  • the American Clinton foundation works,
  • the American philantro-capital Gates foundation, who just happened to be one of the biggest donors and therefore a heavy agenda-setting WHO contributor.
  • Unicef: the biggest procurer of vaccines in the whole world, an organization that since its inception has an American director
  • the pharma-corporate captive agency WHO and
  • GAVI: an initiative by the American Gates foundation with an American CEO fat-cat Berkley (read British msm)

All for the greater good around the world


With its next-generation pneumococcal vaccine, Pfizer has been playing catch-up with Merck in the indication’s key age group—infants. Thursday, Pfizer got to the finish line 10 months after its rival, but with a shot that offers more protection.

The FDA approval of Prevnar 20 covers children ages 6 weeks to 17 years and gives Pfizer a chance to continue to control a market it has dominated for two decades.

April 2023

Find Merck & Pfizer here
(Note British GlaxoSmithKline and French Sanofi are the other 2 big players

UNICEF: always an American

Fore is Unicef’s seventh executive director, since the organization’s founding in 1946, a position always held by an American


Gavi’s impact draws on the strengths of its core partners, the World Health Organization, (American led) UNICEF, the America based World Bank and the (American) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and plays a critical role in strengthening primary health care (PHC), bringing us closer to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), ensuring that no one is left behind.

American Seth Berkley
GAVI, CDC Rockefeller foundation (Uganda)

Chelsea’s announcement:

The initiative:

Read more here:

Who is Helen Grus?

Ottawa April 28, 9:30am
Copied from a fakebook post. Credit to
Jody Ledgerwood
Please contact the Ottawa Mayor and let him know. He might not be aware as he didn’t hire the ops chief.…

211 Huntmar Dr
28 April 2023 at 9:30a.m.
Please note:
Officer Helen Grus, Ottawa Police Services, who applied her training, coupled with Common Sense, born from a number of years investigating the questionable demise of children, is now being skewered by the OPS for doing what she was trained and paid to do, namely ring the bell of warning that something is wrong.
Here is the quandary: Helen put her career and reputation in the fire and now needs our assistance.
Hoping many can attend the hearing on the date above.
I can’t attend as I operate a crane for crews and there is no one else.
Some of you can’t attend either. And that’s alright. It is called life 101.
However, if we share this message to all our contacts perhaps there are those who can answer the clarion call of help.
The OPS is refusing to broadcast the meeting.
This does not bode well for Officer Grus.
They are planning something they don’t want the public to see.

Please share with anyone you can via txt & email. You might be surprised how many of them aren’t on Social Media.

Part 2 and 3: #RFK Jr sparks a joyous #Boston Park Plaza

This is the third part:

This is the second part:

This is the link to the original replay where I recorded my images.

Also check out my addendum – I’m planning to deliver an update about the almost State of the Union, the province of Quebec

Where right now the American way of life is dead and a genocide takes place and has been taking place since a few years at least

and as all of that extends out to the rest of Canada.

Bottom line of my analysis here is

  1. Team Kennedy needs to put a lot more senior resources to sound production – The best thing would be to have a steady campaign sound production team that travels with the campaign;
  2. There is undermination in the direct surrounding as I don’t believe one minute that this emergency announcement was not manipulated – that is your bankers trying to take control of the room because nobody wants to hear that we are on a safe way to the collapse of the American dollar!!! Kennedy just lauded China for building bridges instead of bombing them like the United States and relayed, that too many powerful nations and former allies of the United States are now switching to Chinese currency – therefore I think it is safe to say the timing of that emergency announcement was no coincidence!

Brought to you by

This is the third part of a commented review on copyright and production issues with regards to the live production into the livestream of on Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Where RFK Junior otherwise also known as a Bobby Kennedy Jr announced that he will try to win the Democratic nomination for candidate for the US presidency in just about a year.

#President #candidate #United States #presidency #candidacy #announcement #Robert #John #Fitzgerald #Francis #Kennedy #Jr #RFK #Junior #JFK #RFK #BobbyKennedy #Democratic #party

Part 1: RFK Jr announces candidacy – sound goes down while speaking “truth” !

This is the first part of a commented review on copyright and production issues with regards to the live production into the livestream of on Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Where RFK Jr otherwise also known as Bobby Kennedy Jr announced that he is in the race to win the Democratic nomination for candidate for the US presidency in just about a year.

Brought to you by

I recorded my images per screen recording during the Facebook live, and in order to come to a uninterrupted stream I scrolled back in the stream thus my recording was about two minutes behind real time.

Please verify what Facebook did or did not do yourself! here is the link to the replay of the original recording.

I am working on finishing the second and the third part and in the meantime #teamKennedy has published this clip on YouTube: