mdchc checking origin of form

Hello Maren,

As discussed during our telephone conversation last week, I have taken your concern to our Management Team for discussion. I wanted to determine how the form had been developed and confirm the data collection requirements of CHC’s across the province. I hope that you had the opportunity during the week to check out the Association of Ontario Community Health Centres (AOHC) website to find out more about the work of Community Health Centres in Ontario communities. The website is While CHC’s provide medical services there are
also other broader programs and initiatives provided in the community depending upon community needs.

We are reviewing our forms and checking with colleagues in other CHC’s regarding the wording, which had been taken directly from a CHC Program Evaluation User Guide provided to us. While we are required to collect the information, as are all 55 CHC’s in the province, we will review the
way the questions have been worded and look at expanding the statement at the bottom of the form explaining the purpose of collecting this information.

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us.



Ruth Dimopoulos BSC.PT
Health Services Co-ordinator
Registered Physiotherapist
Merrickville District Community Health Centre
Phone: 613-269-3400 x228 Fax: 613-269-4958

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