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The absurdity consists in how all this is news again. I remember watching young German kids, a bit older than myself, just more daring, I guess, getting their chains torched off the train tracks by police who were trying to give way to a train transport of radioactive waste that a then conservative provincial government headed by a Premier without much insight in what this material was really about, decided to transport it to an inappropriate temporary storage facility in a salt stock – Gorleben, Germany. After left-wing terror had marked the 70ies, the whole opposition movement renewed with the civil disobedience of the anti nuclear demos in the 80ies. Entire families split up over the dispute, there were street fighting scenes repeatedly in the news – did nobody watch this here in Canada? Just one thing comes to mind: from the 80ties to 2000 is twenty years. That’s how long it took in Germany to write that motion into legislature, approximately the same time it took the Green Party to get into power and initiate Germany’s phase out.

Germany was also known for it’s massively bureaucratic and time consuming government and administration, but things have changed a lot. Renewable energies employ as many people as the automotive sector, I’m guessing, more by now. It’s a way to make “good” (in the true sense of the meaning) money for investors, empower communities to improve the general electricity supply and energy suppliers to save enormous amounts of money because they don’t need to build costly, unreliable reactors, with all the savings from efficiency and co generation.

North America is known for it’s great flexibility – where is it now, and, when did it disappear? With manufacturing in a crisis, strict building standards could boost local economy and be a real way to buffer up the US economy implications – besides, I could take my tuque of inside, and my hands would not get so cold while typing, either.

Our lyrics are in your face because we are OUTRAGED and not tolerating the rape of culture and communities driven by short sighted profit operations, of which – to extend the elephant in the room to its mind boggling dimensions – Uranium mining in low grade Sharbot Lake (60 lakes are water connected through the Rideau) is just another example.

It’s time to change tracks…

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