United against Harper – strategic voting explained

There are a number of sites and Facebook pages I am aware of dedicated to voting strategically to prevent a Harper majority. I agree that getting the word out to as many people as possible is essential. Here’s the list I know of:

A most practical for those wishing to vote strategically. This site offers comprehensive, up-to-date riding by riding information on how to defeat Harper and his anti-environment policies. Just type in your postal code to get to your riding.

We need a government prepared to deal with global warming and pollution from fossil fuels, and ready to play a leadership role in making the world a better place. We have the power to create this government — if we work together this election.

At UN negotiations, Canada has been voted the WORST country in the world on climate change 3 times! Avaaz is targeting 3 of Harper’s top MPs (including Environment Minister John Baird) where it will hurt them the most — at the grass roots. We’ll beat them not by supporting any one party, but by appealing to all voters to help save the planet by voting for the candidate most likely to beat the Conservatives.

The purpose of Fair Vote Canada is to gain broad, multi-partisan support for an independent, citizen-driven process to allow Canadians to choose a fair voting system based on the principles that all voters are equal, and that every vote must count.

The Department of Culture has compiled a package of documents to help volunteers educate themselves and others about the true legacy of the Stephen Harper Conservative government.

A non-partisan group of Canadians appalled at the thought that Stephen Harper might form the next government of Canada. We want anyonebutHarper.ca to tell Canadians about the consequences of a Harper win, to help Canadians maximize the value of their vote on October 14, and to mobilize the creativity of anti-Harper Canadians.

Elizabeth May thinks it’s more important to vote strategic than to vote for her party!


Facebook groups:

Facebook group: Vote Smart to Prevent a Harper Majority

Facebook group: Anti-Harper Vote Swap Canada

Facebook group: Canadians United Against Stephen Harper

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Online book detailing the Harper record. A plethora of reasons to prevent a Harper majority.

Election Prediction Project, up-to-the-minute polling stats

CBC web site: Canada Votes 2008 – detailed riding information


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