Bar Kanada – Musik from the inside!

Hello everybody

and thank u for contributing to my first show about Canadian musicians and the fantastic music constantly overflowing from this giant country.

My show “BarKanada” aired Wednesday, DEC 3rd, 10am EST, 4pm MEZ on the German community radio station Radio Tonkuhle (click on live stream). They broadcast in both live internet stream and fm license (also via cable). Find my playlist below …

I am looking forward to having new as well as established artists on my show BarKanada – for now, I am publishing one hour every first Saturday (next Jan 3rd) of the month from 11am-12pm EST, 5-6pm MEZ. Deadline is the week before.

Please send your cd to Maren Molthan, BarKanada, PO Box 71, Merrickville, ON (no paper, please – epk’s are ok). Info can be emailed to (ABSOLUTELY no attachments, unless we agree BEFORE your sending on an exception). Before coming to Ottawa or Wakefield for a gig, I would appreciate your invitation to possibly set up an interview or some live taping – after all, I’m trying to do a hip inside format…!

Priority lays with shows or artists coming to Germany.

Right now, there are no budgets whatsoever involved in the compensation for my work, if you’d like to donate, get in touch with me – helps to keep it going and no, I do not have a drug problem. In the long run I started offering this show to other radio stations in the public sector in Germany.

Constructive critique is welcome, hate mail goes straight to the Union For More Ergonomic Office Furniture. Have fun, pple, and once more thanx for talking to me.

See u next time, enjoy the festive season and rock on!

peace out MAREN


Steve Marriner, Shake It Upside down

Lori Sutterlin Trio, Summertime

Lindsay Ferguson, Bloodstream

Lindsay Ferguson, Sky And Me (live)

Lindsay Ferguson, C’Mon, Papa (excerpt)

Lindsay Ferguson, Wanted (excerpt)

Lindsay Ferguson, A 1000 Kisses (excerpt)

Lindsay Ferguson, Song’N Dance

Phil Jenkins, Louis Rompre, Live Music

Ian Tamblyn, Blue Canoe (live)

Ian Tamblyn, Barton Street (excerpt)

Ian Tamblyn, feat. Lynn Miles, Bay Of Sails

Serena Ryder, Little Bit Of Red

Paul Reddick, I’m A Criminal,

Paul Reddick, Template Blues

Connie Kaldor, If You Could Read My Mind (by Gordon Lightfoot)

Buffy St. Marie, Cod’ine

Steve Marriner, Shake It Upside Down

Internet: slash lindsaylive (Buffy St. Marie)

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