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Hello again, and a very happy (and, hmmmmh, what would be most spectacular – more reasonable?) new year –

I’d like to update u a little bit:

The second edition of BarKanada is scheduled to air
SAT, 3rd of January 2009, 11am-12pm EST – tune in live on the internet @

tonkuhle. de (click on “Livestream” in the right menu column)

2. I found out, that Tonkuhle artists should be receiving royalties because of German GEMA paying out entitlement depending on how much played on Tonkuhle via fm – all they need is the playlist, and that I provide… for now u can look up those details here:
rideauguide. blogspot. com

Wer hat, der kann:

Part D und E sind der schoenste Teil der Sendung. Das Lied veraenderte voellig seinen Charakter waehrend sich diese Violine hineinschleicht, absolut zeitgleich mit Lovelace, seinen Dank sagend fuer die zahlreichen Briefe ins Gefaengnis und wie die Unterstuetzung seinen Geist erheiterte.

Ich haette das nicht geplant: das Klangstueck von Tanya Tagak Gillis (vermutlich schlimme Ausprache ihres Namens) verlieh meiner Lovelace Quote eine Dynamik, die mich an einigen Stellen staunen liess. Schwierig, sich als Autor zu sehen. Fuehlt sich eher an als waere ich in der Ausfuehrung taetig, ziemlich krank … 🙂

Zur Hoelle mit den Manuskripten – es lebe die Intuition!

Alright, I know this is Canada:

D and E are the most beautiful parts of this’ month’s edition. The song changed completely as soon as this violin (or viola?) was sneaking in, on the same split second as Lovelace is saying his thanx for all the letters to prison and how they uplift his spirit.

I couldn’t have planned it: Tanya Tagak (probably overwhelmed with the pronunciation of that name) Gillis’ sound piece gave my quote some dynamics that stunned me at times. Impossible to think I authored that. Feels more like I’m channeling something, pretty sick …

2 hell with the manuscripts – long live intuition!

Thanx 4 reading and try listening 2 it – cinema for your mind is a fascinating thing …

In terms of time management for this year I’d have only one comment:
All we’re still debating is, how 2 soften up the changes. If we act now, maybe they’re gonna be easier 2 survive.

New nukes will be a disaster for an economically fragile period not to speak of the relatively irreversible and permanent damage and its “bonus” features which come with the highly radioactive and hot waste, vising its capabilities as potential material for A-bombs, and, actually at the beginning of that most decadent way of getting wasted, the mining of Uranium.

Show the government where ever u can: Profit has its reasonable and crucial limits.

Oh what a wonderful place this could be, if we made it one.

Ok, back 2 work!
Thanx 4 letting me waste ur time

Maren Molthan
tonkuhle. de
rideauguide. blogspot. com

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