BarKanada postponed one week

My apologies for any confusion, but the second edition of my show BarKanada will air a week later,

SAT, JAN 10th, same time, 11am EST.

It didn’t air today, as u probably already know (I just woke up) and I just got an email from my brother, technical director at
The program director booked the slot twice and had to give the other production priority – shit happens. Just glad, it wasn’t me… 😛

My brother also told me, how well done he thought the show was, so that kinda consoled me a bit! Hope u gonna tune in next week…. with best wishes and again my regret 4 the false alarm. Can’t score if u don’t try,… :P.

play list is in the previous post.

Check back soon for audio of this and the first edition.

Kind regards
Maren Molthan

editor and publisher

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