2 free tickets to Stephen Wise @ the Baldachin Ballroom on Valentine’s

U think your town is hibernating, but it’s buzzing under the snow:

1. Tonight (as every first Monday of the month) is the open stage @ Harry McLean’s Pub, 111 ST Lawrence @ Main in Merrickville, ON, Tel 613 269 4223;
Inn keeper David Ellis is hosting this jam, all are welcome 2 join in or come up with their own performances. PA is there, please byo instruments!

2. Wednesday, FEB 4th, singer songwriter Gale-Marie Edmunds will be celebrating her birthday with an acoustic Jam @ the same place, word is, that lots of fellow AQUARIANS (B-ware!) will help her partying a bit but other signs are of course welcome as well!

3. On SAT, Feb 7th, the Doherty Brothers will be live in the pub (same place), while Linda Girard’s Smoky Undertones from Kemptville will be playing in the Dining Room;

and (sudden fanfares here):

4. Stephen Wise’s NewPhunk will be coming 2 Merrickville on

Baldachin Ballroom (no live entertainment in the pub)

As a courtesy of Ascendant Productions we will be giving away two tickets for free to the first caller @ 613 269 3448 (message) mentioning the Stephen Wise concert in Merrickville. Tickets cost $ 20 and can be picked up @ Harry McLean’s Pub in Merrickville.

The versatile musician and singer is known not only by his cooperation with

STEVIE WONDER (more fanfares)

but also by his spiritual activities back home in Pennsylvania. Check out his music here:

The concert will be the start to an entire series out of the cooperation between a local promoter, LiveTourArtists, the new Barrymore’s management in Ottawa and the Baldachin in Merrickville. Check in soon for more info and updates on the the next concerts!

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  1. Wolfie says:

    What a fantastic show to bring into ‘sleepy’ Merrickville! “…it’s buzzing under the snow…” That’s one of the many benefits from a beautiful snowy blanket… insulation!!!

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