Sunday Jam in Gananoque

Better than your own living room on a dreamy January Sunday afternoon in Eastern Ontario:

The SUNDAY Open Jam hosted by Terry Tufts in the Stonewater Pub in Gananoque. Now don’t confuse that with the Open Mic night on Thursday nights with Les Picard and violin player Kevin Davidson with different line up every week in the same venue, which is also great – Terry’s on Sundays from 2-5 pm!!

Great to see that old rebel again – felt even better to show him my tuning in front of all the jammers after I played “Natural Woman” – gonna look good on the resume to having interested that guitar god in a different tuning! It’s actually really easy, the low E goes down on D just as in Drop D, and then the B string gets lowered on A.

It makes every harmony sound a little bit more spacey as u can let the high strings ring open in a lot of different chords… yes, it does warp everything, but I really like that, needless to say …

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