playlist barKanada NOV 2010

Somebody On The Ground    Ann Vriend Love And Other Messes 2010

I Got The Blues (traditional)  Alfie Smith Brass & Steel 2007

Seven Bucks    Elizabeth Shepherd      Heavy Falls The Night 2010

State Trooper    New Country Rehab 2011

I Left My Brain Annabelle Chvostek Resilience 2008

I See My Baby       Rick Taylor Lucky Room 2010

I Feel For You (excerpt)  Rick Taylor    The Wonky Years 2008

Listen Sister       Leela Gilday Calling All Warriors 2010

Solar Eclipse Ben Veneer 2010

East Side Story     Tara Holloway Sins To Confess 2010

Sabado People Project natural 2010

When The Wolves Go Blind     Twilight Hotel When The Wolves Go Blind 2010

Extra Days   Kirsten Jones The Mad Mile  2010

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