Anti-Saudi-protests misreported by major Ottawa media

I joined a group of protesters Saturday afternoon at about 4.30h pm EST on Sussex Drive/US embassy and would like 2 note the following observations – March 20th, 4.31 am EST:

First of all, a very basic check (asked different protesters if they knew where the Bahraini embassy in Ottawa were with all of them declining any knowledge, then google with a listing in Washington, DC) seems 2 indicate that Canadian-Bahraini affairs are dealt with over only two North American diplomatic missions of the Island Kingdom, one to the US in the capital of Washington, the other to the Unites Nations in New York. No diplomatic mission of Bahrain to Canada, according to the web site of the government of Bahrain:

Boteler Street was closed off and so was Sussex Drive, yet that safety measure was taken by what appeared a well present but considerate and relaxed police, mostly it seemed, not 2 interfere with car traffic of which there was hardly any on Boteler Street. At 125 Boteler Street located, however, is the Embassy Of The United Arab Emirates to Canada (1), in front of which protesters chanted their protest to King Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan (2), the president of the UAE, allegedly having authorized the deploy of security troops 2 take down pro-democracy protests in Manama, the Bahraini capital, which a press release from the web site of the UAE embassy to Canada confirms (2), as well as holding a prayer for killed protesters at home in a later phase of the demonstration. At the same place, a quarter of the assembled Ottawa-protesters also condemned Bahraini King, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for calling in Saudi and Emirate troops to suppress and fight his own people. These chants were translated 2 me by a participating Canadian grandmother born in Syria as well as Canadian girls in their twenties from Bahraini parents on different occasions. The manifestation with many young families thus moved around the Saudi Embassy from Sussex Drive, where

the peaceful crowd initially had expressed their opposition to what protesters called “an invasion” of Bahrain by 2000 troops from Saudi-Arabia, in front of the Saudi-embassy, a very modern built overlooking the Ottawa River, where many participants and their posters with shot and tortured victims of the reportedly peaceful protests were seen by frequent car traffic passing on Sussex Drive. Traffic on Sussex was stopped to let protesters cross the street onto the riverside, where grass covered green space offered more room for the demonstration than the narrow sidewalk of the east side walk of Sussex Drive.

My estimate is it might have been around thousand people, a videotaping man in suit in his mid-fifties claimed 2,000 when I asked him how many protesters had participated according to his estimate.

So far, I found three major news outlets reporting on a none existing embassy, completely ignoring the two real targets of the protest, the monarchs of Saudi-Arabia and The United Arab Emirates:

The Ottawa Sun

Bahrain protest forces road closure
Last Updated: March 19, 2011 5:52pm

A demonstration outside the Bahraini embassy has prompted road closures in downtown Ottawa Saturday afternoon.
Police say about 450 people are involved in what they describe as a peaceful rally.
Boteler St. is closed from Dalhousie St. to King Edward Ave. As of 5:45 p.m. police didn’ t know how long the closures will last.

Protest at Bahraini Embassy forces downtown road closures

Updated: Sat Mar. 19 2011 6:48:03 PM

A crowd of 450 protestors marched in front of the Bahraini Embassy in downtown Ottawa Saturday, forcing police to close several roads.

Boteler Street between Dalhousie Street and King Edward Avenue was closed for several hours. They re-opened shortly before 7 p.m. Police said the demonstration was peaceful but the closures were necessary to ensure public safety in the area.
The crowd was protesting against a recent crackdown from the Bahraini regime on anti-government protestors in the island nation, located just off the coast of Saudi Arabia.
Protestors have been demonstrating against the government there since February as part of the larger pro-democracy movement sweeping across the Middle East.

The Ottawa Citizen
Protesters target Bahraini Embassy
OTTAWA – Police have closed Boteler Street between Dalhousie Street and King Edward Avenue for a demonstration in front of the Bahraini Embassy Saturday afternoon.

Police said about 450 people took part in the demonstration, which started on Parliament Hill and called for an end to the Libyan regime of Moammar Gadhafi, and then marched, late Saturday afternoon, to the Embassy of Bahrain in the ByWard Market. Police said the demonstration is peaceful and the road closures are in place to ensure public safety.

Recent pro-democracy protests in Bahrain have been violently repressed by the government.

© Copyright (c) The Ottawa Citizen

Read more:

Those reports corroborate exactly the info I heard from a female African American officer who answered me, she had heard, 450 people participated in the protests.

Ever since I joined protesters on Sussex when passing the US embassy, I have not seen, met or spoken with either one of those seeming to report on the demonstration. I saw one camera team, no channel fonts or logos or the like, though, and none of their reporters spoke to me nor did I have a chance to enquire about their coverage. No recent footage on You Tube either tonight.

I would like to find out:
1. was there any representative of the listed media really in communication with participating protestors? when and where?
2. where does the quote “Bahraini Embassy in Ottawa/Byward Market” originate? where is that embassy, svp?
3. do media professionals now simply quote what the police tells them happened while reporters do not have time nor ressources to witness demonstrations unfold for themselves, first hand, that is, nor do the simplest of fact-checking before they put their news together?

As to the copyright of concerned outlets, it’s kinda crucial 2 document these grave mistakes on reporting in the same place, greater good and all, but also, who knows if those racing reporters might not remove those pages altogether.

from the website of the United Arab Emirates Embassy to Canada (
quote start:
UAE sends security troops to Bahrain
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gergash stated that the United Arab Emirates, in response to a request from the sisterly Kingdom of Bahrain for assistance in and contribution to establishing security and domestic stability, has decided to dispatch a security force to take part in preserving order and security in Bahrain.

“The United Arab Emirates affirms that this step represents a lively embodiment of its commitment to brothers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It is also evidently expresses that the regional security and stability at this time requires us all to unite our ranks to protect achievements, keep sectarian strife away as well as to lay foundations for the future,” Gergash added.

“This is based on the United Arab Emirates’ belief in the solid historic relations, fraternal ties, kinship and common destiny that the Arab GCC member states share. It also comes in light of the sublime principles which the GCC charter established, affirms the commitment of GCC member states to close ranks against any dangers facing them and considers the stability and security of GCC member states as one indivisible whole and also as a commitment to conventions and defence and security treaties,” he further said.

Gergash also noted that the United Arab Emirates follows with concern the developments in Bahrain, in particular the national dialogue initiative launched by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince of Bahrain and Deputy Supreme Commander.

“The UAE calls on all the Bahraini people to respond positively and without prior conditions to this invitation to contribute to the reduction of tension, end the current crisis and find suitable solutions that would preserve the achievements of the brotherly Bahraini people,” Gergash noted.
Created : 18 March 2011
quote end

UAE wiki

Bahrain wiki

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