YouTube shows Ottawa Solidarity-With-Bahrain footage

Update March 28 2011 6.23h pm
I got to double check the map and had to correct direction of marching protesters from “north north east” to ” north north west”. To illustrate that better, I embedded said map into this post below.

Slowly there’s the footage of Saturday’s Solidarity-For-Bahrain-demonstration surfacing: March 22 2011 3.05h am

http:// watch?v=vL-ev0J57DY two space bars make the link address visible in this post

now here u see exactly, how the protest moves north north west on Sussex Drive, with the US embassy on the right, and the Ottawa river up Sussex in the viewer’s back, approaching the second stop after parliament, the Saudi-Arabian embassy. The movie ends, with images shortly before the crowd crosses onto the river side of Sussex Drive, just at the curve to the East where that road has 2 follow the river for a while, if I interpret that correctly – what do you see?

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