what a storm – wind of change?

This is 2 let y’all know that the playlist 4 April is coming soon, but also really interesting show on CBC radio 1 Winnipeg, about the arts and how much and in which way the are or have been part of party policies – did u know that CTV and CBC both have a challenge b4 the courts 2 show that Canadian current law prohibiting the reporting on the numbers of votes b4 election day is actually UNCONSTITUTIONAL?

Couldn’t help thinking, how different the communication models and assumptions about political opinion forming seem 2 be:
Existing law favours traditional media channels and party advertisement – top-down delivery.

With popular social networks such as Twitter, the law is basically impossible 2 be enforced and with these channels spiking out and achieving 3-dimensional connectivity of any of their members, the possible intake and distribution of information is not only widely branched with a 4th dimension, because now we can get 2 the info, WHEN WE R READY 4 IT – moreover, the uni-direction of delivery opens up in2 more of an exchange – now that literally is empowerment of the people 2 me –

I guess the journalist in me can’t help thinking the more different and from each other independent sources, the clearer the picture…

repeats 2nite @ 10 pm. CBC.ca/Q

Much more 2 be said here, yet I need 2 do the playlist. Good day!

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