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Wall Street Protests not photoshopped

Wall Street Protests not photoshopped

Workin’ on it as I am typing, u can tune in from 11 am EST/17h MEZ via live stream here – anybody heard ’bout the protests on Wall Street in New York? Apparently somebody photoshopped a google earth pic 2 make the crowd look bigger – there is an interesting discussion about that right here. Just click the word “here”!

4 me, this is the most interesting comment, close 2 the 1 question everybody assessing the truthfulness of any publication should ask:

Who is profiting from the notion that the publications evokes? Who is the real author?

This is the comment (left by Jordan October 3, 2011 at 2:46 am)

“I think the real question for this community to get to the bottom of at this point is who is Jason Wettstein and did he even make this image at all? It looks like he stole the image from Scott Lickstein per @Terrence McNally’s comment, and then added his own clownish text commentary on top of it. The difference in writing styles b/w Scott and Jason are like night and day, and the all-caps, mangled grammar of the photo that went viral are clearly Jason’s voice and not Scott’s. Scott has a nice explanation of his work on his site that is not intended to deceive but rather to consciously provoke thought, as any good artist should. The difference in voice and professionalism (for lack of a better word) implies that the original thought provoking work is indeed Scott’s, and that Jason came along after and saw an opportunity to steal the work and create a troll-style image to go viral and provoke people in an unsophisticated, deceitful way.

The remaining question would be who is Jason Wettstein, is he real or a right-winger trying to discredit the movement, and what does Scott think about this? (and why hasn’t anybody – Scott of otherwise – tried to put out a version of the image w/ a different text that is true to the original intent?”

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