BarKanada wieder auf Sendung am kommenden Samstag!

Update DEC 6 2011: Mit Richard Carr habe ich auf’m St-Laurent in Montréal Cappuccinos geschlürft – am Samstag werde ich einen Titel von seiner neuen Scheibe spielen! Hier ist ein Artikel mit Hinweis auf eine Blues-Radio-Sendung, der den Montréaler Blues-Musiker auch erwähnt. Bis denne!

2nite on “The National“, income gap in Canada interestingly illustrated, nice choice of voices, but super funny from 9.06 on – they call’em Mr. and Mrs Marcozy – ahahahaha! and that’s not all: very informative overview on reserve life-style all over C (why that would fair behind a Euro-story, even if somewhat epic, 4 a Canadian broadcaster, kinda concerns me a bit) with the corniest Mansbridge in a long time in the end – nothing like the CBC, aeh?

Keppler 22b, here I come. I did it once, I can do it again. Love this article: “Personally, I am faintly tired of people just like us. I would dearly love to communicate and commune with entities that have 10 limbs, 15 methods of sound and vision, and no such thing as hockey. ”

Not 2 mention sum more delicate body parts, me thinx, can’t help watching my thoughts go 4 a space walk … 😛

In the meantime, on a planet of weirdos in your home galaxy, instead of assuming responsibility 4 a decade of bureaucratic delays and broken promises failing Canada’s most vulnerable inhabitants, Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan put the Attawapiskat reserve under third party management in form of a banker, who was kicked off reserve promptly upon his arrival this morning.

Ich dachte, dieses alles könnte Euch informieren und diesen sonst zu Trostlosigkeit neigenden Dezember Dienstag etwas aufheitern.

Samstag sind wir wieder auf Sendung. 11 AM EST/17h MEZ EINSCHALTEN!

Duncan: “Last week, I announced plans to put in place a third-party manager to address the urgent needs of the community and to ensure the funding provided to this community is being spent effectively. Today, the chosen third party manager, Jacques Marion from BDO Canada LLP, is on the ground with [Aboriginal Affairs] officials. It is important to remember that the community’s Chief and Council will continue to be in place.”
Spence: “This rationale has been used by the Department to silence us…. It is incredible that the Harper Government’s decision is that instead of offering aid and assistance to Canada’s First Peoples, their solution is to blame the victim, and that the community is guilty, and deserving of their fate.”

Update 10 JAN 2012: And it’s not that they haven’t tried 2 get the government’s attention:

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