How to recognize insurgents who threaten democracy in Canada

As US President Barack Obama rejects the Keystone Excel Pipeline as proposed by Trans Canada Corp. today, the focus is on Canada’s Northern Gateway Proposal. Thankfully, die urwüchsige Nation scheint aufgerüttelt und für eine echte und öffentliche Debatte:

Harper warns pipeline hearings could be “hijacked” on CBC News
An Open Letter from Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver in The Globe And Mail
Harper says pipeline debate should be left to Canadians in CBC News
Opposition to oil tankers on the rise in Forest Ethics
Save the Fraser Declaration
Pipeline project a gateway to disaster The Ottawa Citizen
Canadian jobs lost to the tar sands The Huffington Post
Oil sands should be left in the ground: NASA scientist
Enbridge reports leak from U.S. pipeline as Northern Gateway hearings begin
The real foreign interests in the oilsands The Ottawa Citizen JAN 12
The Enbridge Pipeline: The “Largest and Most Insidious Threat to Our Culture.” (Gerald Amos, Former Chief Councilor, Haisla First Nation), in The Huffington Post

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