Really Canada: Don’t attack other countries.

IRAN – a beautiful, ancient culture with many uprisings of educated young citizens claiming their rights – where were u then with your soldiers? These sprouts of Eden have been Spring Snowflakes breaking through an ideological dark in what is now the melting slosh of the former ice ages of the Middle East and the US. They need and deserve our support.

Some backround now? Here is a segment about the CIA’s 1953 coup of a democratically elected government in IRAN (Uploaded on Oct 2, 2007).

This is what I heard on CFRA 2day. It was host Michael Harris more or less, original wording may vary, assessing Canada’s PM’s earlier claim, IRAN “wants” to use nuclear bombs.

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That Irak supposingly had “weapons of mass destruction” is the BIGGEST LIE of the past decade.
Stephen Harper needs to be challenged, because he stepped over the line, claiming on a program where he knew he wouldn’t be, that Iran “wants” to use a nuclear bomb, to herd Canadians into the acceptance of a pre-emptive strike against Iran. Just like British PM Tony Blair and US president George W Bush at the time, today’s leaders again need something to change public opinion to favor war.

How is it believable, that Iran will use a nuclear bomb, when that will inevitably result in their regional suicide? It is not believable.

They don’t want to be invaded, that is why they want nuclear weapons, you can’t have only one power in a region have those weapons, that just doesn’t work, besides all international efforts examining Iran, just like in the case of Irak, NEVER found any traces of such weapons and saw Iran comply with the norms set by the international community, meanwhile they had their scientists assassinated. If Barack Obama thinks he can go in there and do this, or have the Israelis do it for him, he is crazy.

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