Teargas while students protest in Montreal

Published on Apr 21, 2012 by RussiaToday

“In Canada, riot police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of students protesting outside a government building in central Montreal. At least two demonstrators and two officers were injured in the violence and seventeen people were arrested. Students are angry at a planned 75 percent rise in tuition fees. They’ve been demonstrating almost daily since declaring a boycott on classes over two months ago, with the government refusing to back down. Citizen journalist Bernard Desgagne says that the situation is getting more violent and that the police reaction towards protesters is too brutal”, (up to $ 400 fines for simply walking on the side walks).

This happened while students were protesting in Montreal. 151 are reported arrested in Gatineau on Thursday, while demonstrating against a 75 percent increase over five years in tuition fees.

This is a report from Thursday, 19th of April 2012, capturing a good part of the symbiotic filth between Québec Premier Jean Charest and, in sight of a soon ice-free Arctic and the steady crumble of trust in the dollar, the with anticipation just so humming development business, all in front mining companies.

A lot has been leading up to the violent escalation, especially as the Québec government leader has consistently declined to make any concession in the tuition argument, meanwhile the report exposes massive conflict of interest in the slicing of the northern cake … This article in The Huffington Post links it together.

Pierre Coulombe was the campaign leader for the Conservative Party in Québec in 2008. He is thought responsible for fraud during that election, never convicted, though – an election where the Conservatives gained 37, as opposed to 36 percent of the votes cast in 2006, with a 59 (65) percent voter turn out, that turned into 46 (40 in 2006) percent of the seats in the 40th parliament of Canada, when it actually, factoring in the lower voter turn out, represented even less of the total electorate: 22 as opposed to 23 percent in 2006. The “Controversies“, btw, are a priceless read and a narrative of the absence of any code or integrity.

Looks like Stephen Harper chose the right man for the job and liked his “contact management” so much that for last year’s election tens of thousands went to the wrong polling station misguided by so called robocalls. The supervised fraud is illustrated in a sworn affidavit by a former conservative campaign staff.

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