Playlist BarKanada July 2012

Who Put The Blame On Who (excerpt) PEACEWORK choices 2007
Inside Out Marc Parent 2007
What Are they Doing In Heaven Today Be Good Tanyas EP 2012
The King Of Infidelity CHRIS ANTONIK The King Of Infidelity 2010
Cold Wind Joshua Hyslop Where the Mountain Meets the Valley 2012
Love Don’t Let Me Down Liam Titcomb Cicada 2012
We Know Better Bend Sinister
Sucker Punch Steve Poltz Noineen Noiny Noin 2012
Izabella Justin Saladino Sometimes Called The Blues 2012
Transference High Waters Gather Wish EP 2012
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Never gonna give You up Julian Taylor Band Never Gonna Give You Up (video) 2012
Followed Her Around Jimmy Rankin 2011
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Pipe Dream

The land of Haida Gwaii is threatened by the building of a giant pipeline and the arrival of oil tankers. Two brothers take matters into their own hands to find a solution, and end up getting some supernatural help from Raven.

“Yo kids, gotta do more than recycle. Gotta go psycho ‘Bout where the pipe goes.”

Message to Stephen Harper:
Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper,
Please remember: you work for the people of Canada. Not for the International Oil Companies.
The people of Haida Gwaii don’t want the Enbridge Pipeline.
The seas here support a bounty of natural life. We don’t want oil tankers in these precious waters.
Oil tankers bring oil spills and oil spills would damage this ecosystem, and the fish, shellfish, and seaweed upon which the people depend.
We don’t want to move to Alberta and work in the … Continue reading

BarKanada in 8 Tagen!

BArKanada geht auf Sendung wieder am Samstag, den 14. Juli 2012, 17h MESZ, live stream @ Diesmal mit Leonard Cohen’s Sohn Adam Cohen – die Playlisten kommen bald an dieser Stelle!
BarKanada 2 air again next week SAT July 14th, 11am EST – live stream @ – playlists here shortly!
BarKanada de retour en diffusion SAM 14 Juillet 2012 – live stream @, playlists sous peu ici même!