Pipe Dream

The land of Haida Gwaii is threatened by the building of a giant pipeline and the arrival of oil tankers. Two brothers take matters into their own hands to find a solution, and end up getting some supernatural help from Raven.

“Yo kids, gotta do more than recycle. Gotta go psycho ‘Bout where the pipe goes.”

Message to Stephen Harper:
Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper,
Please remember: you work for the people of Canada. Not for the International Oil Companies.
The people of Haida Gwaii don’t want the Enbridge Pipeline.
The seas here support a bounty of natural life. We don’t want oil tankers in these precious waters.
Oil tankers bring oil spills and oil spills would damage this ecosystem, and the fish, shellfish, and seaweed upon which the people depend.
We don’t want to move to Alberta and work in the tar sands.

We want to live here as we have done for thousands of years.

Pipe Dreams Lyrics:

Verse 1

I met a Native man that did a span in Afghanistan/ He even toked hash with a clan of the Taliban/ Sittin in the sand looking like a razor clam/ Got an order from his Major Then…. Damn! His rifle jammed /

Right there in his mutherf@#kin hands/Fate changed his plans escaped as far as he can/That’s when he walked until he couldn’t even f@%#kin stand/Came across a man with the exact same tan/

Who took him in his hut and introduced him to his fam/Fed him good and even brought him back to health again/We’re trying to save our land. You too huh?/Man to Man said, I don’t wanna shoot ya!/

Passed him a Hose, take a Hoot from my Hookah/ High grade Hash that we ship to Vancouver/Even trade it with the Monks, you know the Buddah?/Do ya? I do it for my Tribe like Booya!

Verse 2

My people of the Beach and my people of the Pines/And my people of the Peaks and my people of the Vines/People of the Grass time to speak, time to Rise/People of the past are rollin deep bout our lives/

Searching thru my soul trying to find the right flow/to tell the truth, I can feel it now the fights close/Sorry kids it’s not enuff to just recycle/have to go psycho about where the pipe go/

Got the Ocean asking me, where the f@#k did life go?/I’m like we did the right thing, we wrote to all them white folk./What the f@#k you didn’t pick up a rifle?/What? Ain’t I worth something to Fight For?/

Been keeping you fed since before Raven let the light go/You can’t go back and just fix this s%#t I ain’t a Typo/ Life ain’t the same with a feast full of jelly fish/ Standing on the shore with a salmon in your belly wish/

Verse 3

For all of my relations so patiently waitin/I’ve been waking and baking up the Mic Situation/Hibernating hiding in my cave painting/working with the ancients searching for the spaceships/

Surfing thru the stations all I hear is the masons/Controlled by these racists, man we’re raiding that slave ship/Now my First Nations, camp in concentrations/Why can’t we eat? We got our own reservations?/

Cuz we never made’em, got served an ultimatum/ try to change’em whole agenda assimilate’em alter-natives/Main motivation of these motherf@#kers rapin/and they don’t want Nathan but the penetration/ Petroleum controlling’em these devils dating satan/rebels with a cause time to end the occupation/Came and stole our homes and f@*#ing locked us in the basement/so f@#k the pigs I got my Zigs I’m bringing home the bacon.

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