Excellent guitar care in Gatineau!

I would like 2 send out a “La Ola” of recognition 2 Stéphane Coulombe, who @ Adagio in Gatineau, repaired my Telecaster Slimline in the shortest of time and in a very knowledgeable way, when the day b4, staff of Steve’s Music Store Ottawa had assessed that same git and found “nothing wrong with it”.

Not only did Stéphane point out 2 me, that my strings were down 2 the core metal string and had the wound part gone where frets were touching and there4 buzzing on the frets, also he noticed after changing strings, that there was not enough/2 much pressure related 2 the spacers 4 G, B and high E strings – Stéphane took the washers out, ground down the 2 indented bases of those spacers and put everything back 2gether 2 the extend that the guitar plays better than ever and … Continue reading

Playlist BarKanada Oktober 2012

Who Put The Blame On Who (excerpt) PEACEWORK choices 2007
Sweetness On A Bun Strawn & Moon Demi CD 2012
Last Word Gordie Tentrees North Country Heart 2012
High Roads Roger Marin High Roads 2006
Goin’ Back To Louisiana Brian Downey feat. Billy Mitchell The Live Sessions: Vol 1 2012
The Ballad Of The Wishbone Paul Reddick Wishbone 2012
Gravity Persists Anna Sudac Early Versions Of Future Hits 2010
Everybody’s Blues Jack Pine and The Fire Jack Pine and The Fire 2011
Kürdi Azeri Skarazula Litha 2007
You My People Raoul Bhaneja And The Big Time You My People 2009
Love Triangle 24th Street Wailers 24th 2012
Out Of The Game Rufus Wainwright Out Of … Continue reading

Konzerttip Oktober 2012: Strawn & Moon in Bremen und Hamburg

Strawn and Moon waren das, in der Sendung am kommenden Samstag spiele ich “Sweetness On A Bun”! Ein akustisches Duo, die beiden Mädels aus Montreal sind heute abend, sowie morgen und am 11. Oktober in Kopenhagen, in Deutschland erstmalig dann am kommenden Dienstag, den 16. Oktober in Bremen zu sehen und zu hören, und zwar im Rat & Tat, in der Theodor-Körner-Straße 1.