Bob Rae (Liberal Party of Canada) illustriert Rechtslage bezüglich First Nations’ Land

Anmerkung der Redaktion: This is far from being a “down dressing” and it speaks of your ignorance how media really works 2 sell it off that way, Occupy Canada – Milewski might be applying a certain journalistic method which results in a more powerful answer of his interview partner. Even implying a line of argumentation generally associated with Harper-Cons, fact is we have no idea where MIlewski stands, and it is very professional, that we still don’t at the end of this clip. Milewski is none but a medium 2 illustrate the in4mation – it is of no importance what his opinion is, it is important 2 hear as much as possible from our leaders, what their position is, so we can vote them off if they do not deliver. Cudos 2 Milewski 4 setting the stage 4 some real in4mation.

And I couldn’t agree more with Ryan Cornell (check my facebook account 4 that discussion): the real questions r not being asked, at least not in this clip: why do we not already have a hemp-and renewable energy-based, sustainable economy and how r we gonna establish that? what will be the incentives 2 change our ways? where r the tax breaks 4 electric cars, house insulation, geothermal heat, straw bale and cob houses, and so on and so forth – idle no more coz we r already extremely late in the game.

And if First Nations’ Leaders think they need 2 go 4 revenue sharing – I would be extremely disappointed if that was it and nothing else. they maybe surprised how their younger generations and their women will weigh in2 this discussion.

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