Nishiyuu arrives to Ottawa

Journey of Nishiyuu

the peoples of Turtle Island r standing up 4 Canada, 4 freedom and democracy. they r right now where every1 of us should be, refusing and halting this ignorant machine grind of religious indoctrination and fossil fuel oppression, violence, slavery, decadence and the most wasteful pollution on the planet. Thank u and Megwetch!

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Catherine Orr (from the fb group):
“I knew in my heart that we would complete this journey. I have made new friends, met really nice people and tried some awesome food XD I have witnessed great acts of humanity, people along the way were actually standing outside their houses waiting for us to pass ot hand out food and water. Even just that act of kindness from total strangers made me realize that when you do good things, good things come back … Continue reading