Marsch für Frieden, Umweltschutz und indigene Vertragsrechte

Nishiyuu Walkers arriving to Ottawa March 25th 2013

Kanada’s Erste Nationen, wie sich die UreinwohnerInnen selbst nennnen, sind zu Monatelangen Märschen aufgebrochen, um gegen den Total-Ausverkauf von Mutter Natur zugunsten ausländischer Investoren in Kanada und den USA und für Weltfrieden zu protestieren. Hier ist eine Übersicht von Idle No More’s facebook Seite:

Walking for Earth Peace on Turtle Island
Calendar of events, ongoing and scheduled, for Earth keepers and Peacemakers
Examples of the power of walking

Photo: The Nishiyuu walkers in Ottawa, completing their journey
The Journey of Nishiyuu: 1600 walk from Whapmagoostui, Quebec, to Ottawa in winter

INM Unity ride:
April 7th, 2013 Merrit BC. Start at 10am. Saddle up for a Ceremonial Ride

A Sacred Journey for Future Generations: Walk from Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan, to Ottawa. A trek of 3450 km:March 16th – June 21st, In support of Idle No More.

Mississippi River Water Walk 2013: INDIGENOUS WOMEN WALK 1200 MILES FOR THE WATER, from the headwaters of the Mississippi in Minnesota, to the place where the river empties into the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. March 1st to April 29th.

Youth for Lakes: Our youth from our communities in Manitoba are walking to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. IDLE NO MORE inspired our Cause and we strongly support their Movement. 45 days walk started March 28th.

Marche du Jour de la Terre, Montréal, 21 avril / Earth Day walk, Montreal, April 21st

Native rights and Save the Environment – World -Wide Protest during Aboriginal Month:
This is a mass call out to all people to be united against tyranny, oppression and human rights violations… To highlight mass protests on Aboriginal rights, Canadian rights, lands, stolen resources, missing women, justice issues, child welfare and the “environment”. The rallies, marches and events will be held in each City… This action will involve traffic slowdowns, trains and blockades. We will do this action for one month straight so begin organizing and preparing now. All supporters asked to partake, unions, groups, movements, individuals, leaders at all levels.

Millions First People’s march: A mass gathering for all First Peoples’ to be held at Parliament Hill in Ottawa on June 21st, 2013 to raise awareness about Indigenous sovereignty and treaty rights. We ask you to come from wherever you are in solidarity and unity, to bring your prayers, your drums, rattles, voices, regalia and spirits to this event! An event that will bring awareness, education, a sense of unity, responsibility and community to the people! This will be a peaceful protest, a day for prayer, ceremony, community and enlightenment. Please share this with all your friends across turtle island and let’s come together as one for the first Million First People’s March on Turtle Island! Idle No More!

JULY 27th – AUG. 17th 2013. #IDLENOMORE ON HORSEBACK! “Unity Ride. 5000 miles on horseback. A ride for healing for every nation, all mankind.” #idlenomore #unityride
Heading to the UN in NY and Washington DC.

Please share around. Take part. Idle No More. It’s a good day to live. The time is now…

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