Brian and Blackie and the loss of music part 1.

Duke Ellington, Paul Gonzales and other sleeping beauties. This is the concert to which Brian is referring :

On a side note:
After months of effort by L’Escalier Montreal to retrieve a permit by the city of MOntreal to restart their EVERYDAY live presentations the venue is still unable to do so, despite the whole level having been completely overhauled –

The Brian Downey Band feat. Montreal’s own Pedro Ullmann lost 4 (!!!!) shows that way with no replacement whatsoever – please give the minister an earfull, phone as follows:

Monsieur François Robillard
Téléphone : 514 868-5178

please share, thank you. You can also sign and share the following petition.

In light of the latest efforts of our dictator government to bureaucratize and ultimately kill live music, a highly profitable industry with a lot … Continue reading