Spektakel on air Sat 13th of September 2014

Howdy y’all, glorious summer for us here in the dictatorship of Stephen Harper (peace noble prize nomination when he really has been doing nothing but inciting hate with the most divisive policies ever known to Canada and pushing war – wth, Nobel Peace Prize Committee?) –

In the upcoming show I plan on having recordings of all the beautiful artists we met during our trip 2 Chicago, IL – and one amazing trip it was – so tune in again

live stream 11am EST/17h MEZ

And just remember: and in all the muscle flexing and scape-goating of the war pushers, it has been only 100 years since WWI – and then compare our conditions (debt, mismanagement of resources and finance and dictatorial governments all over) and understand that we r just 1 spark away from another worldwide spread of the royal game: 1% make the profit, 99 % pay with their blood and flesh.

I recommend www.democracynow.org for independent news with experts on the field in every show.

Anything war can do, PEACE can do better.

your Maren

having beef ribs to some very cool vibraphone with Daddy @ Andy's Jazzclub, Chicago, IL - doesn't get much better than that.

having beef ribs to some very cool vibraphone with Daddy @ Andy’s Jazzclub, Chicago, IL – doesn’t get much better than that.

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