Tragedy in tough town: what happened in Ottawa, ON on WED 22nd OCT 2014

Thankfully, some of us have not stopped questioning authority. I promised on facebook to publish my questions about how WED 22nd of October went down in Ottawa, ON, the Canadian capital. After continuous screening of reactions being glued to the screen just like y’all (which brought in lots of Mecker from Brian that I should play my bass) yourself, I feel, that many talented people in our virtual (never really understood why you would call it that way, as if to demean it in comparison to “full-bodied” communities, when it’s really a place where people associate over their like-mindedness and share of thought and thought process to discuss and exchange, and one doesn’t smell their bad breath, farts and sweat, what’s not to like?) communities already make very good points, and I will list and embed here, what is interesting and odd, because:


I can’t help it, engrained with my very humanitarian education in Germany is, that whenever people start waving a flag and expect me to to the same, I just want to ask them what will be most likely perceived as very inconvenient questions, such as: ‘Do you really feel waving a flag makes it less painful for 32 civilians to die in the bomb strikes in Syria that same day, now that Canada started to air bomb with 16 fighter jets (did the duct tape stocks go up, by the way?) on October 7th?’

I think, a bigger crime than not joining flag waving actions is: to let down veterans, like we know Harper did and take away freedoms for the protection of which those veterans actually went to war (or so they were told? we were told?). After Wednesday, surprise, surprise, the take away comes in the form of legalizing well practiced but yet illegal government spying on its own citizens as seems to be the prompt government desire.

or, even more recently:

A friend of Brian posted on facebook:

“To remember is to end all wars.”

Question number one, therefore, for my revered neighbors here with me on Turtle Island:

Does anybody remember anything what our leader sent us off with before being at the front lines, doing the riskiest jobs to save the German people’s a$$ets from the Nazi vice grip when the North America joined with France and England in that WWII?

Oh, and on a side note: to actually differentiate between the oppressive and deadly regime, its military machine and the civilian population of the aggressor, what a concept. I long for soldiers with that kind of intelligence, seriously, what happened to that? Does it not apply to Syrians, Irakis, Palestinians, Curds, Afghani, Pakistani, Bahraini, the list goes on? We actually have an internationally binding rule on that, a treaty, that Canada was proud to sign: the Geneva Convention. click on the link for more info on that. Imagine that, a bureaucratic bunch of people to even regulate war. Whoever it was sure saved a lot of peeps in Germany … but important is:

Our family members died for our rights and freedoms. Don’t let anybody take them away, ESPECIALLY NOT YOUR GOVERNMENT. I hate to rub it in, but that is what the NAZIs did, first they scapegoated the shit out of ONE group (really the smartest, most creative and wealthiest in Germany at the time, a perceived “one” group, when it really was not and never will be anywhere, but they all had their faith or, as for many, few religious Jewish Germans, conviction in common), and that is very important for it to work, all others need to join against that perceived “one” group in order for the plot to work, hand in hand with some street violence and general paranoia, then you throw some explosives around, set fire to parliament and present a mental case as the patsy, the brick supported tunnel to get the real doers outta sight was dug long before that and is still on display in the German BUndestag, BANG, there is your highway paved to unrestricted power or whatever you aspire at that time.

Listen. I don’t want to fight the war to get our rights and freedoms back. Standing up NOW and looking around and not letting your eye sight being clogged up with flag waving seems easier and could save us a whole lot of trouble further down the road.

Now to my fellow insomniac and second guessing analysts on you- and other Tubes: thank you very much for your efforts. Keep it coming. I’m sure you realize the reason why it is so hard to discredit you is because you actually have some credibility, that is dangerous to power.

First of all there is London, England based Russell Brand, who is smart enough to tie in the bigger picture and hilariously funny in disguising the agenda for what it is. My second question: how does the dictatorial Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper exploit the to us on the screen presented images (how few of us were actually there as eye witnesses?)

Then there is this guy from, not remotely as entertaining yet very good analysis and lots of info links on his youtube channel:

Also worth a look,

My question here: Why did the alleged supporter of the Islamic State not shoot Harper or Baird from the public balustrade in parliament after caucus meeting, or the second opportunity that same day with no or improvised security, in the Toronto High School where our dictator was scheduled to appear in the afternoon with head shot survivor and women’s rights activist Pakistani born Malala Yousafzai, another extremely favorable target looking at the evil IS agenda, or am I mistaken?

Why pick out a good looking kid with no ammo and German shepherd puppy photos on facebook when now it seems like we all need to fight IS ooouuuuaye more then on Tuesday still? Would you try to eliminate the leader who ordered the bombardment in Syria or insult and shock an entire half continent of rather insignificant loggers and hillbillies, bureaucrats and stiff white people with old money who don’t know how to dance and have fun and otherwise would not have the least in common and certainly not share one and the same view of Canada’s foreign or internal policy?

Just Monday, I had a conversation with a friend of mine stating repeatedly how divided this place always appeared to me, the most divided place I know, and I grew up in West Germany – and now look at the mess, rockers, hippies, natives, neo-cons all in unison to even call for the war measurement act, no, my friend, I will not understand that position of yours ever. Gawd, we are all herded and maeehaaeehing around in that one corner, that IS would never want us to be in, meanwhile the recording tapes and cameras are rolling with every click on Google and the barb wire is being pulled up all around us. Do you really believe that a movement that is planning on lasting state would infuriate a rather close neighbor and ally of the US to start things off?

There is many more of those analytic videos, check them out for yourself, that’s all I can say. Don’t settle for what everybody else is saying and doing. THAT is disrespectful to lives that have been lost.

Finally, let me show you here, what Canada missed out on that past Wednesday, and thank you Amy Goodman, for not missing a beat with Noam Chomsky before the UN:

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