The Brian Downey Band every Wednesday @ The Black Irish Pub, Ottawa.

The capital’s grand daddy of the shuffle put together another great version of his ever evolving band formations and is celebrating Afro-American composers and musicians, presenting Blues & Jazz and everything in between with the ease of a southern breeze!

Especially Brent Weatherall on the guitar continues to amaze with musicality and versatility and has honed and polished his singing beautifully. He used to also play a lot of bass with Downey, who now finally, has his female singer of 5 years on the bass: Maren Molthan who seems to enjoy to sing over her own pockets and sure makes a point in holding down a funky groove. A long way from her native Germany, she seems to have scooped up some of that southern sweetness in her stage presence throughout extended trips across the USA. Horace Hogans on percussion and vocals is a musical partner of Downey of the early days in the Nation’s capital and brings his New York entertainment style for y’all to have a grand ole’ time.

The Black Irish Pub is located in the Eastview Shopping Center (2 ac parking lot off Rideau St, just across the river), a really cozy neighborhood pub with lovely regulars and great vibe. the kitchen serves delicious dishes that clearly are a very tasty step up from the usual pub fare all the while being perfectly affordable.

There is no cover charge, however your donation to get professional musicians paid is appreciated.

more info on the band and the Old School star of this show @

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