Spektakel am kommenden Samstag mit Musik von Wee Willie Walker

Spektakel live stream  SAT 11am EST / 17h MEZ @tonkuhle.de mit Musik von

Wee Willie Walker and Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra

Some live footage 

love this whole album, please buy it:
After a While by Wee Willie Walker & The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra on Apple Music

After A While is the new collaboration between legendary soul singer, Wee Willie Walker and The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra. This recording features 8 original tracks and 5 carefully selected covers. After recording for Goldwax and Checker labels in the 60s Walker settled in Minneapolis and was rarely heard outside of Minnesota. In the last few years he has emerged with new recordings, which have garnered accolades from critics and fans alike. Although Willie’s career spans six decades, After A While is his debut as a songwriter and co-producer, making this a truly collaborative effort! The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra provides the perfect foundation for Walker’s deep blue soul vocals. This recording is a must have for fans of blues and soul music!

“…Anyone missing the golden years of Soul can stop pining and go check out Wee Willie Walker who still has it all Right Now. He’s keeping the Soul flame burning bright and
effortlessly killing it on, AFTER A WHILE. Congrats to all involved.” — Mike Kappus, Rosebud Agency

“…The re-emergence of soul singer supreme Wee Willie Walker has been one of the most welcome musical developments of the past several years, as he tours internationally, makes sterling additions to his catalog, and racks up well-deserved raves and honors. With AFTER A WHILE, his discography has reached a new peak. Anthony Paule provides his usual spot-on, savvy and impeccable guitar playing and bandleading, as his talent-rich Soul Orchestra combines with thoughtful, substantial songwriting, much of it by Christine Vitale, to craft as sympathetic a frame as a vocalist could dream about. Willie brings all of his passion, power and depth to bear. It all adds up to what is very much a collaboration, one which should bring copious joy to listeners and wind up on many blues and soul awards lists…” — Richard Shurman, Music Journalist & Record Producer

from After a While CD Album (Blue Dot Records 2017)

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