Toronto: 10 arrested 7 charged at Dundas Square freedom march, young?! TOPD OFFICERS? intimidate journalists – via

while covering events and transparently stating modus operandi on their website and as documented on site of reporting toward officers tasked at the site, reporters, camera operators and editor in chief Chuck Black were questioned by police officers and then resolved the situation with more knowledge by calling the communications office of the police department who clarified OVER THE PHONE that journalists need to be able to report unintimidated and unhindered no matter what. Of course most of those ridiculous tickets have been thrown out however


What keeps us from doing digital courts though? People have a right to justice. Justice delayed is justice denied is just injustice.

CoP sounds like ON IZZZ officially a police state now.

It feels like we should think about a collective strategy to finally link up to the same vibration stop the segregation we ace it with an education.

We need to telephone bomb our enforcement detachments

Ask them why are you enforcing unsubstantiated dictate random dictate when you are professionally tasked to ensure everybody’s freedom and get in the way of violence instead of administering violence – don’t be the slaving “Schergen” of the corporate pharmascism state, u don’t have too, you’re free! nobody in enforcement needs to obey unsubstantiated random laws that apparently now top(ple) the charter of rights aehm no

We the people don’t think so

So please dear freedom defenders read them their rights and their oath and then we’re going to educate them too.

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