Hamilton, ON police trying to usher away the owners of town hall

https://youtu.be/6eexYabhhCA it is not without entertainment value and pleasure amongst the attentive audience that the viewer notices that the activivist today not only is her or his own camera person and media facilitator but also protester and spokesperson and legal consultant schooling #HamiltonPolice on who the criminals are, and harvesting the icy silence of utter ignorance while trying to invoke some resemblance of understanding of what the function and legal bound of an ON townhall is. Sad times that our enforcement units cannot come up with a little bit more education on what they should be enforcing, good times that civilians move to action on educating their enforcement!

It sure looks like nobody else is doing that.

All in one and all at once – seeing that many components of our failing democracy are levelled out of significance and do no longer weigh in current decisions, this is an example of how efficient opposition can evoke change at a zero budget.

No, don’t interpret this as if I were advocating for zero budget policies because I’m not – I just think we can do so much better and it would be so much more budget friendly, if we skipped proportional representation and just moved onto direct democracy and citizens and residents start voting on the issues instead of having these pretentious career representatives fill their pockets with private money and walk around pretending all the while.

Thank you so much for your activism ! love and power to you!

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