Telephone call with receptionist and “Corinne”, nurse at Carson Medical Clinic, Ottawa, ON

Interesting how these communications always come out at a point where the person on the other end says ‘oh we are just following the orders’ – following orders will not protect anybody in the medical community or elsewhere from later guilt sentencing in court for crimes against humanity or violating the Hippocratic oath.

Note: the fb page “Carson Medical Clinic” is not managed by the clinic. The clinic neither maintains a website. At the time of my call, staff was unaware of the reply I had sent to their mass emailing on Monday following a news report falsely claiming that clinics would administer the “vaccine”. My understanding from communication focused conversations with ghp Dr Alex Duong is that privacy regulations do not allow for or make such exchanges mandatory to follow a privacy protocol to encode patient data.

Please look at this fab brief:

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