Treasonous managers – how to forsake officers and brutalize innocent freedom defenders, or: the violent autocratic disfunction that is corporate Toronto Police management.

This past weekend following a freedom march on Saturday, 30th of January, Toronto Police Services TPS street officers again arrested Kelly Anne Wolfe, organizer of the freedom movement of Canada. According to her own account she was this time BEATEN to a bruise, placed in solitary confinement without food nor water for 29 hours while going through menses without any hygiene supplies. She recounts the degrading treatment herself: ”There was a flickering lightbulb and a woman screaming for nearly half the time I was there.”

Did she violate her previously imposed “conditions” ? No. Were those conditions scientifically substantiated in any way?  Also negative.

So really, that means KAW didn’t do anything wrong last Saturday!

Yet she was met with the violent wrath of the biggest police department in the province and likely in all of Canada. What is it about her love of freedom, that the corporation seeks to punish the organizer through bodily harming her like a mediaeval despot tortures the incarcerated peasant?

Let’s have a look at the means of the conveniently tax funded terror:

Solitary confinement and withholding of basic self care such as food, drink and hygiene products amounts to torture by many different international definitions:

Even if the arrest of freedom defenders were legal while at this point everybody knows that there is no occurrence in Canada that would warrant the term “pandemic” at this current stage, the Inter-American Convention to Prevent and Punish Torture, which is in force since 28 February 1987, defines torture more expansively than the United Nations Convention Against Torture. Article 2 of the Inter-American Convention reads:

“For the purposes of this Convention, torture shall be understood to be any act intentionally performed whereby physical or mental pain or suffering is inflicted on a person for purposes of a criminal investigation, as a means of intimidation, as personal punishment, as a preventive measure, as a penalty, or for any other purpose. Torture shall also be understood to be the use of methods upon a person intended to obliterate the personality of the victim or to diminish his physical or mental capacities, even if they do not cause physical pain or mental anguish.”

The freedom loving young mother of two shows herself rather disillusioned looking at the motives of her violent punishment, the illegal and oppressive tendency aiming to make her a terrifying example of what happens to people in the way of government dictate: “The government of Ontario is making moves to abolish the constitution and charter, and jail anyone who protests against their tyranny and orders”, well illustrated on the website of MPP for Lanark Randy Hillier.

The outrage against this over bearing perversion of policing, this brutal regime execution is rising right across this continent and is shoring up a big wave of “we had enough of your criminal, obsessive, obscene and oppressive control  mannerisms”:

Not only are 400 businesses scheduled to reopen on February 11 in Toronto alone, premier Doug Ford’s already caved into the pressure and talks about reopening the entire province around that date.

In addition there is a big pan-Canadian freedom date organized on the hill for Valentine’s Day in the capital

where a few hundred thousand freedom lovers are expected.

A petition should be calling for the removal and prosecution of Toronto mayor John Tory for these repeated illicit and misguided arrests and human rights violations.

The Constitutional Rights Center, namely the country’s best constitutional defender, Rocco Galati at the is suing to prosecute authoritarian violence administrators in the ranks of TPS and the Board, whereas ASMI Nation ( is seeking damages at the human rights court in the Hague for the torture that Kelly Anne Wolfe and her sister have been subjected to. Not even for herself but here is where the well-connected organizer gets really involved:

“My sister was brutally arrested while standing in defence of the freedoms of Canada, NO LADY SHOULD EVER HAVE TO ENDURE THAT!“ 

One really has to ask: is TPS out to bankrupt the Ontario taxpayer with that incompetency ? In the last TPS board meeting there was an audience question citing three different judicial rulings in favour of immediately stopping the practice of arresting freedom defenders. Guess what happened ! Interim chief James Ramer skipped the question just like that ! Watch this clip here:

Words cannot describe the entitled attitude reigning at the top here visible – what is the reason that freedom defenders get brutalized and deprived of their freedom anyways?

How is it possible that a chief of police rules with that much absence of transparency or reason?

What is the real agenda behind this repeated incompetency? It more appears as deliberate sabotage and criminal subversion of a legitimate struggle as freedom defenders keep getting arrested all over this country every weekend. What will happen tomorrow, worried parents are asking? Is TPS trying to deter freedom defenders from attending the march?

The very valid budget question still comes second to everything else mentioned before!

Because the number one reason why this practice has to end is :

That it inflicts trauma on innocent Canadian citizens and innocent Canadian enforcement officers. 

Not just any Citizens, but model citizens who do not take their freedom for granted and seek to preserve it not only for themselves but for all posterity and all their neighbours.

Citizens in the true meaning of the word, conscious of and inacting their duty to defend the right to earn a living in their own way in Canada and everywhere in Turtle Island, with the water to their necks and actually fighting for it ! Fighting like the north American GIs who liberated Europe from the Nazi oppression would be proud of them!

And not only any uniformed goon but people, family persons who put their bodies in between the perceived danger and the ones they are charged to protect. It is worse than treason to forsake staff that is professionally exposed to physical impacts such as the freedom march policing street officers – and even so it is not defined anywhere it seems whether or not these officers have to obey unjust laws – soldiers certainly can refuse those orders: “


In the case that arrest orders have been given unjustly,  executing officers have a claim against their branch, especially looking at the generally accepted view first expressed by MLK, that any law is unjust that is out of step with natural law which is clearly the case in the record of the arrest of Kelly Anne Wolf on the 30th January.

The truth is: there was most likely zero infection risk that whole time and in Queens Park because everybody involved in being outside was producing vitamin D3 for the exposure to the sun light, aerosols are extremely short-lived in dry cold air and also degenerate quickly under the UV section of the sunlight, if not anything else. 

Many experts now allege that COVID-19 mortality is really vitamin D3 deficiency – recognition of context should be part of the scientific briefing of TPS and frankly, where does their information stem from ? How is it possible that corporate communications withholds crucial life-saving information for their street policing officers?

It’s really starting to look as if corporate management of TPS is, and cowardly so, behind the scenes, creating an environment where physical confrontation between street officers and freedom defenders is inevitable and thus taking out their megalomania obsessive compulsive control reflex of a morally, spiritually and technology wise bankrupt corporation on the shoulders of super brave Canadians and super brave Canadian officers who both mean well – confrontation that didn’t have to be in the first place if the Canadian government followed actual statistics and dropped the onslaught of propaganda terrorism via the completely hijacked CBC.

Claim after claim about how much danger is caused by circulating COVID-19 strains is invalidated by long established researchers and science producers. To suppress and censor that kind of information is really un-American and Canada for that matter is part of North America – if you’d rather all rely on government sources maybe you’d like to consult with this gentleman here who is a former Health Canada public researcher.

Drug Dissolution Testing

If there’s any definition of sin – THAT is the original sin in my books and TPS management will have to face the prosecution of their crimes against humanity, and the Canadian taxpayer is footing the bill.

When is it going to end?

I have long said: my grandmother and I would’ve provided for better health policy in 2020 and I’m gonna say right now: my grandmother and I would make for better policing in 2021.

Canadians govern themselves far too well to be oppressed, mistreated, brutalized, incarcerated and then tortured by a police force that has lost all orientation what its role is, if it ever had any, originally incepted to protect property, bring back escapee slaves and kidnapped First Nations people and mostly minors, back to the fangs of a for-profit corporation. That seems a hard place to start out from, and it shows that, till this day it bears no compassion with nor understanding of the fragility of human life and especially the universal carriers of all life, women! Women threatening authority are still a threat to the corporation – why is that? is it because unwarranted, unsubstantiated authority is all there is left at the top of TPS?

Maybe it’s not only time to defund this kind of state sponsored terror, and so far we have seen nothing but the announcing of thereof by John Tory in the August 2020 – maybe it’s also time the peoples of Canada start policing themselves with a mandate to protect human lives – get in the way of violence instead of administering violence.

It’s not likely that John Tory or James Ramer facing their latest monstrosities of an incompetency competition are even going to be involved in such a decision.

Imagine the difference between arresting and not arresting somebody is just a few hours in the sun or about 5000 international units of vitamin D3 every day.

What a failure of communication that even in the age of instant information this recognition couldn’t be any further disguised from the conscience and service routine of our front line staff.

What a propaganda crime at the hands of these punishment addicted maniacs at the top of our administration and enforcement.

I’m going to be raising my hands and clapping to see them go, I might even put on a little dance.  XXXperience shows: the funeral always puts on the best party – happy Mardi Gras!

Please all be safe while out loving your freedom. Be civilized – a few pills of vitamin D3 will do!

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