ON school mask mandate scientifically unsubstantiated and ON Covid19 scientific advisory table “rife” with advisers in a conflict of interest.

March 2 2020, from Christine Colbeck

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March 2, 2021

Dear Ontario Elected Representatives and school board officials,

We the parents of Ontario school children have become increasingly concerned that the emotional, physical and psychological welfare of our children has reached crisis stage as a direct result of the extreme policies imposed by governments, school boards and unelected public health officials in our province, under the guise of “Covid-19.”

Ontario Covid-19 “cases” are declining, yet the Government of Ontario continues to increase the measures in schools that have a detrimental impact and deleterious effect on our children. These measures are not justified by collaborative science, evidence or data.  The Ontario COVID-19 science advisory table is rife with individuals with numerous personal and professional conflicts of interest and does not fairly represent a broad and unbiased base of scientists, educational and health experts.

The data from Sweden and Denmark, South Dakota and Florida demonstrate schools are not a concerning source of transmission and that keeping schools open offers children critical stability and socialization opportunities, which promotes learning and supports academic achievement.  Further, despite decades of evidence to support that the use of surgical, cloth and other low-grade masks do not stop viral transmission, the Government of Ontario has mandated the use of these unproven medical interventions in the school environment, including outside.

School principals and school boards are being directed by the Ministry of Education to refuse or severely limit the acceptance of doctor-provided medical exemptions for children. This ultimately means non-medical professionals are forcing masks on children against medical advice. Ontario schools are now imposing the strictest mandates in the world, that far exceed those identified in Reopening Ontario Act, Regulation 82/20 and 263/20.

The benefits of mask wearing do not outweigh the risks for children. Medical doctors and specialists have clearly outlined the deleterious consequences of long-term mask use by children, while the virus itself has shown near zero percent mortality rate in children.  Forcing children to wear masks that are easily contaminated and misused is a blatant endangerment of their health. Education and psychology experts have raised valid concerns that the inability to see someone’s face impedes confidence, social development, negatively impacts communication and hinders the ability to properly acquire language skills, particularly in young children.

In addition to this, the Government of Ontario is promoting widespread use of PCR testing of asymptomatic individuals in schools.  Never in history have we tested the healthy individuals to potentially label them as sick.  Our children are being taught to live in fear of an invisible virus and to shame and bully other children into compliance.  The PCR tests in Ontario are being run at levels that render them inaccurate and lead to high rates of false positives.  While the PCR test may be accurate at CT (cycle threshold) 25, by CT30 false positives are to be expected due to over-amplification. Ontario’s standard is to run the PCR tests at CT 37-45. Furthermore, in August of 2020, the Government of Ontario included presence of antibodies (immunity) as a criterion for case definition. How do we know if a “case” is an inaccurate PCR test, someone who is immune or someone who is actually sick? This critical data is not disclosed.

We have learned over many hundreds of years that respiratory viruses, like all viruses, run their course; and Covid-19 will be no different. This has been acknowledged by many authorities including the World Health Organization.

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