Michael Swinwood and Reiner Füllmich prepare class action for children

April 8th 2021

Ottawa, ON: Sovereignty advocates prepare class action law suit to benefit children traumatized by the unsubstantiated government dictates

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#Michael Swinwood and #Reiner Füllmich launch #classaction for children

Michael Swinwood B.A. LL.B. fresh off the call with Reiner Füllmich of Germany to lay out history and systemic violation of indigenous rights by the Crown and the crown corporations around the world, his illustrations serving as an introduction to launch an international claim for damages for traumatized children.

His prior class action lawsuit against the Canadian Crown is in the appeal awaiting the submission arguing a memorandum of law, which should lay out to the judge why it was wrong to reject the case in the first instance.

The Canadian sovereignty advocate is asking for favourable prayers as to the Appeals Court judge receiving the appeal will apply common sense to accept the case.

Swinwood called, upon the invitation of William Commander (Circle of All Nations), the group “Elders Without Borders” into existence, incorporating in 1999 as a not-for-profit company and listing as “active” since 2014, giving First Nations a tangible frame pursuing legal means to defend and re-establish Indigenous sovereignty within the Corporation of Canada, but also beyond in the entirety of Turtle Island, which is a First Nations term for all of America. you can reach him at spiritualElders@hotmail.com or check out the website at eldersWithoutBorders.ca which has been launched at the end of April. As we are planning on regular updates, please send your questions to missrep@protonmail.com.

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The third conversation with media consultant #MarenMolthan, who finds herself ever so grateful these days to acquire sound study of then and now identical models and popular mechanics in this planet’s ecosphere, graduating with a diploma in molecular biology and biophysics from the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany, in 1996. She has been producing science and cultural reports independently ever since. your paypal donation will support that painstaking effort and can reach her via her website at abroadcom.net. e-transfers from Canada can go directly to missrepresentit@gmail.com. Thank you! merci!


Michael Swinwood (Elders Without Borders) B.A. LL.B.

class action versus pope, queen of England, PM of Canada and Ontario, Ottawa ON mayor et al.


Interview FranceSoir JAN 2021



Clemens Arvay Dipl.-Biol, clemensarvay.com, before the APCA corona-ausschuss.de in AUG 2020

https://youtu.be/jHDySmr4CG0 re-upload from FEB 2021


Clemens Arvay Dipl.-Biol, clemensarvay.com, before the APCA corona-ausschuss.de in AUG 2020

https://youtu.be/jHDySmr4CG0 re-upload from FEB 2021

Corona-Impfung: Erlösung oder Risiko? salvation or risk?


•Premiered Feb 20, 2021 RTV Regionalfernsehen

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Heute unterhalten wir uns im RTV Talk mit Verwaltungsjuristin Dr. Silvia Behrendt, Rechtsanwältin Mag. Andrea Steindl und dem österreichischen Biologen DI Clemens G. Arvay über die Corona-Impfung.

Dr Reiner Füllmich Investigative Corona Comittee


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CORONA INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE: DR. Reiner Fuellmich and Vera Sharav

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