2 Researchers quit CDC

Now, wait a minute here, what happened ? a few days ago, the CDC started recommending, people injected with the experimental genetic treatment CAN stop wearing masks indoors after two weeks. California as well as Ontario continue to act as if in a scientific vacuum and insist on mask mandates inside!

Informed people know that both of these positions are not only plain wrong but really bloodcurdling wrong and toenail curling wrong. Which is probably the real reason why these two ladies resigned.

In fact both places and many millions of our so regrettably far out brainwashed fellow population have to yet come to the following realization:

1. Once you are injected with the experimental genetic treatment stay away from your kids and stay away from your grandkids – members of the same bubble reported all kinds of interruptions of fertility cycles – be it no more milk on lactating mothers, super young girls starting to menstruate or people in their 20s having no menstruation anymore; pain swelling and discolouration has also been reported for testicles- turns out one of the companies producing the experimental genetic injection also produces baby formula – you are airing out whatever the new genetic information now is producing in your body – you don’t want that on anybody – not only spike proteins and antigens but heavy metals coming for the blood brain vehicle which are heavy metals and nano particles – substances with rather alarming interactions usually with humans! our decades old industrial poison experience is plastered with old age brain degeneration, and it’s not over after two weeks I highly doubt that. Just remember we have never tested we have never measured how long mRNA keeps making copies and we have no results or knowledge about how to turn this off and on as a matter of fact the manipulative genetic injection does not come with an off switch. I mean it’s not that we don’t know that heavy metals are bad and cause all kinds of degenerative brain diseases which however take another decade to develop, conveniently so, for the manufacturers.

Wearing a mask around your kids will do nothing for any of that!!! Not seeing them in person will save them. But then again there will be many people who have received the experimental genetic treatment walking around feeling safe and thus passing on this untested information to many more people

2. We have no pandemic now, and

3. We did not have a pandemic last year, both of these because of a fraud test protocol, the Drosten protocol which is anything but scientific

4. Ivermectin cures COVID-19 and there is a myriad of other super cheap and readily available treatments

5. Wearing masks and isolating makes a society immunologically weaker because that is an excellent feature of big populations in a small place: they are actually great to keep viruses and other infectious diseases in a genetic condition that will be unlikely to develop any enhanced virility and infectiousness or mortality as it is now the case with COVID-19 – everybody who will be sick or nearly everybody sick will survive and therefore develop sterile immunity which does not make fellow bubble member sick – that’s why that is the best strategy to herd immunity (which is always the end result) because vulnerable people will not get the disease and the disease will be stopped by the immunologically strong, which in a natural situation is also the group who has the biggest interest to be out and about –

Somebody has yet to explain to me why we are messing this perfect order up so badly.

everybody who will be sick or nearly everybody who was sick will survive and therefore develop sterile immunity which does not make fellow bubble member sick

Why are we switching this for an untested never ending fever enhancement?

And a word on the new culprit here: Covid 19 has so many entry adhesive mechanisms in form of different spike proteins that actually have markers that illustrate beyond doubt that this virus was engineered in a gain of function research laboratory – I know I’m boring you all but for reasons of completion I like you all to understand that the experimental genetic injection cannot do that ! that’s why I’m not calling it a vaccine ! it does not create any sterile immunity and that’s why precisely people who have received received the injection can render their fellow bubble members sick.

All the while I myself yesterday or the day before on a rollerblade I talked to injected people who feel safe and wore no mask – just vicious how this works.

If this wasn’t enough circus already, this year of isolation and mask wearing has made our vulnerable even more vulnerable because children actually protect the elderly by giving them more of their own humeral unspecific immune defence kit. The unspecific immune response kills the disease. Let it be known.

What we have seen as a health policy is to throw overboard decades of sound research and incorporation of the natural defence systems that a healthy human body has at its disposition at any time. What makes us really sick is the onslaught of our natural intact habitat by industrial first sector industry The permanent poisoning of many Midwestern wells in favour of oil and mining exploration will render us sick and lethargic and miserable for generations to come. The same is true for the destruction of the vitality of the Athabaska river by the tar sands effluents.

Same pollutants from refinery seeping into surface waters actually also interfere with fertility as many of those byproducts are hormone mimickers and turn aquatic populations into 60% females – guess what it does to humans?

If any of you haters like to see less transgender people on this planet the best way to do that is to clean it up!

I’m sure that these are some of the real reason these experts resigned from the CDC just now!

Dr. Anne Schuchat, a top official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, announced her retirement Monday.
Another high-profile leader at the CDC, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, announced her resignation 10 days ago.


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