Cov19 and experimental genetic treatment act like a bio weapon

The genome that IS analyzed of the 2019 coronavirus clearly shows gain of function mutations that would not occur naturally in the evolution in a 1000 years. In fact, human DNA codes only a tenth into any enzymatic or other three-dimensional structure. That is why naturally occurring mutations usually don’t have any consequences other than rendering the function that was previously exercised in protein unuseable in the worst case. Precisely why, overtime, virii actually lose their virility to infect lots more and cause grave disease evolutions or death. But only 10% of our genome codes function (and we still don’t have no clue why the 90% are there!) so that means 90% of the mutations occur in a non-consequential context. Which also means that the “new variants” are not nearly as dangerous as they are being portrayed in the for-profit propaganda channels.

Now the paper trail also points to the culprits who cashed in onto the home and man-made crisis in the best fascist tradition that America knows all too well unfortunately – as Michael Swinwood said the Nazis never left America.

Turns out that gain of function research was paid for by American taxpayers and the results and the research was shared with the government of one of the most questionable regimes in this world to this day, as Rand Paul’s questioning of Fauci clearly documents.

Honourable mention also goes to the special insert in the New York Times: it’s nice to decide that you would actually like to come back to inform the public and put the spotlight on the government and not on the citizen.

Last but not least: dear Mr. Bigtree: hope you are feeling better soon and wishing for the complete restoration of your otherwise so resilient nature. Smoking pot can increase your lung volume up to 17% I think I heard – I’m sure you know the sensational studies from the University of California, showing in long-term that smoking pot actually prevents lung cancer.

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