Do not obey scientifically unsubstantiated dictate!

<<Since the medical health officers have many times said that their health measures are not based on science people have a legal reason not to follow them and not to obey these illegal, non science based orders. I don’t know why lawyers in Canada have lost in our courts when the health officers have said many times on news conferences that their orders are not based on any science. This is why Bonnie Henry did not submit an affidavit about her health orders in court in BC in March 2021. The government has to date never submitted any evidence to support their lockdowns or health orders. Judges keep letting them get away with this and lawyers keep letting the judges get away with their decisions or their rulings. I would have appealed these rulings and have made a complaint about the judges in question and these rulings. Apparently the lawyers failed to submit expert evidence or failed to submit it on time. The government also failed to submit any evidence. The hearing should not have proceeded until the evidence was in for both sides. This is the failing of the judge to allow a case a hearing to proceed without the proper evidence to consider. Something terribly wrong is going on with both the lawyers and the judges. As for the people they keep losing. When are we finally going to force both the government and our judges for the government to produce this elusive non existent evidence in court upon which the government has held the entire country hostage. Throwing pastors in prison and forcing their orders on a people no longer willing to submit to tyranny. Take them all to court police officers included and hold them individually liable. They will have to pay for their own legal fees and that will be a good lesson for them. Take them all to court in Canada and after that take them to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and demand the highest possible prison terms.>>

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