Ottawa freedom march May 22 2021 very orderly and remains on sidewalks!

Saturday’s freedom march through the nation’s capital starts at 2min, 40secs.

Please share to all your channels so people understand that freedom lovers did not hinder anybody’s business (as the Canadian BS corporation promptly slandered in their reporting) but brought business into downtown!

The fact is in favour of keeping the order and respecting advice from policing enforcement units, the March decided NOT to walk on the street but remained almost entirely on sidewalks – in my point of view that says something about the lawful and orderly character of freedom marches. As you can see in my video, marching speed is fairly swift and there were not more than a 1000 participants that means entrances to businesses on the way were impeded only a very short time and besides, no places allowed for inside service anyway!

Fantastic also to see solidarity with churches under attack in form of visiting pastors from Kingston – thank you –

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Fyi been looking at this corporate circus since 2009 and it’s just so much … (late karma? Don’t really have a word for it) to see all the white people panic because now the machine is coming for them too, first time for everything – ouhmmmh, my ears still ring, to say it with Roger Miller.

Thank you very much for your attention and standing up for freedom Don’t stop!

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