Fauci – lying all over!

Every time I saw him lie on camera to the American public and a lot of people in Canada also listen to the man, I was more appalled by his straight face and self saturated pseudo authority, just a master of the art to give the audience the feeling there is some thing they are just too dumb to understand but it doesn’t matter because he understands and he’s watching out for everybody when he’s leading them into the abyss to their death, so people don’t question him because everybody is brushing it off concluding he’s going to do it for us – turns out the shepherd had the barbeque already running. Anthony Fauci has built his entire career on lies. On injections that took knowledge to make them look as if they were effective. I am so happy that it’s now visible for others also and documented when he lied in this past year. This is what a fb friend observer had to say about the emails:

<<I wouldn’t say say he changed his opinion as more info came out, seems more like he changed his opinion as more politics came out (although, a few months ago, he claimed he lied to the public because of the PPE shortage -so he’s a liar either way).

He studied immunology all his life, he’d likely have more knowledge on masks in his 40+ years as a doctor than his first few weeks of covid… And Dr Fauci wrote an email in Feb saying asymptomatic/ pre-symptomatic spread was likely a large factor…. And we also know that the virus is mostly spread through aerosol, thus mask-proof (but we actually did know that early on-it was just hidden from the public- that’s why they were venting people in March in NYC even when they had normal oxygen -to keep aerosols contained)…..
The only 2 Randomized-Controlled-Trials on masks and covid (the Danish Mask Study and the Marine study) showed masks have no effect…. I mean it’s fine to be fine with masks despite no solid evidence they work in the casual community setting -but to go from anti-mask to recommending legal mandates for over a year is extreme if theres no solid scientific reason for it… and now he is saying mask mandates will likely be a seasonal thing in the future!

Meanwhile other things that have a ton of evidence behind them are swept under the rug, like Ivermectin.

As for the emails,
The Bill Gates vaccine collab was everything we expected. The Feb email where he was told the virus most likely came from Wuhan Lab and he forward it to his department asking them to “please handle” the situation was kindda funny… as was the thank you letter from Peter Daszak (the suspected creator of sars-cov-2) thanking him for for backing the natural origin theory. But yes, nothing we didn’t already know -it’s just nice to have confirmation.

Fauci is one of the biggest liars I know of… just 2 weeks ago he perjured himself in congress when Rand Paul asked about the NIH funding gain-of-function in Wuhan. We should’t let him get away with what he is doing. How has he been in his position for so long?>>

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