Near one in every 100 injection treated young men dead shortly after 2. injection – yet CDC murderers do not call off the genocide.

It’s a real mystery how a disaster of an experiment is not immediately stopped – if this was little kittens we would’ve never injected them in the first place, yet it’s just our most precious future and most vulnerable who are attacked now.

At one minute 49 seconds into this Highwire segment with the Jaxx report, the experience so far with this murderous experimental genetic treatment is documented in the numbers, without factoring in any under- reporting.

Traitors in what used to be or excuse me, never was, an institution to protect the consumer








This needs to stop yesterday. Don’t obey. Civil disobedience. To not stop murder is to be guilty of facilitation of murder. Doing nothing in the face of crime is to side with the perpetrator.

In comparison what seems scientifically sound practice and is accepted standard over decades would be in the 1 million of participants!

That the Centre for disease control CDC under Tony Fauci did not call the experimental genetic treatment off at least for that segment but actually for all of the population after the recent meeting with all physicians of the board illustrates once and for all and beyond any doubt who is the real criminal and people waster, looking back on a lifetime of deserting the American peoples. Your day in court is nearing. Till then people die every day after your syringe. If people only knew the symbolism of your impotency.

I have no words to describe accurately how much I despise the way you perpetrated your crimes and I just thank the universe that I still have a soul to be burning in protest and outrage until those victims get justice.

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