RBC flooded FF industry w billions over the last 5 years

<<I felt betrayed.

It was a morning like any other at Greenpeace when I learned that my bank, RBC, had dumped $208 billion into the fossil fuel industry over the last five years. 

I couldn’t believe it. 

My bank’s shiny new net-zero goal had led me to think it was using its power to speed up the green energy transition when, all the while, it had been using my money to slow it down. And the worst part? RBC is just one of Canada’s big banks marketing itself as green, while funneling money into fossil fuel expansion.

Miss, to bring about a green energy transition, we need all hands on deck. That’s why Greenpeace is launching a campaign demanding that Canadian banks do their part in building a fossil-free future. We’re planning to expose their greenwashing narratives, draw attention to their dirty investment practices, and mobilize tens of thousands of supporters to speak out — all to pressure banks to change their investment policies and cut off fossil fuels’ last lifeline. But to make it happen, we need your help. 

Greenpeace is three days away from our mid-year fundraising deadline. At the very moment we need to be thinking about scaling up, we’re at risk of falling short of our goal, which could mean scaling back. Simply put, we need your support. By donating $25 today, you’ll help us reach our mid-year fundraising goal and build a powerful campaign to get Canada’s banks to work for the public good.

Imagine the kind of world we could build if banks threw their financial clout behind renewable and nature-based solutions. With trillions of our dollars at their disposal, they could choose to deny funding to big polluters and proactively invest in climate solutions. But so far, all five of Canada’s biggest banks have kept the cash flowing to dirty energy producers at the expense of their customers’ futures.

We can change this.

It’s time to make banks fund the future we want to see. For our campaign to grow in the months ahead, we need to meet our mid-year fundraising goal. We have $31,629 left to raise in the next three days. Can you chip in $25 right now to help power our campaign for a fossil-free future?

Tipping the balance away from fossil fuel dependency will take all our efforts. Greenpeace is committed to making that vision a reality, and we’re well-placed to do it. We’re a 100% independent organization, and don’t accept any corporate or government funding. But this means we depend on people like you to make our work possible. 

Right now, banks are playing a critical role in keeping new fossil fuel megaprojects afloat. You can back Greenpeace’s work to make Canadian banks do better by donating $25 right now. Thank you for contributing.

In solidarity,

Digital Campaigner, Greenpeace Canada

We don’t accept any money from companies or governments so we can be independent and challenge anyone who threatens the planet or peace. To help us keep fighting climate change, defending our oceans and protecting ancient forests, please make a regular donation or  start a fundraiser. Thank you!

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