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Happy Sunday, Everyone! We just sent out our first newsletter­čÜÇ! Huzzah­čÄë! If you haven’t done so already, Ôťůplease subscribeÔťůat Please also consider following us on telegram at

We’ve also updated the website with a few new additions to the ­čĺ»Birth Certificate Remedy Strategy­čĺ», which includes a new link to an email address to organize everyone in one place. It’s time to ­čÖĆstart moving forward with this action, ­čÖĆso please take the time to go through everything and email us ­čôžfrom the website below.

The ideal situation is to have an international action zoom meeting next week to go over this with Sensei and the Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice , Dena Churchill and crew from the east coast, and Emmanuel Beryllia plus all our friends from the Caribbean and the USA (Potentially Friday at 8pm EST or Saturday at 3pm EST).

­čĺąIt’s time to unify­čĺź! It’s time to take action! It’s time to co-create our worldÔÇŽTogether in Forward Motion­čĺąÔťî´ŞĆ

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