Unsere Kinder zu Tode spritzen.


Dear Canadian parents:

If you want to understand in whose pure incompetent and dangerous hands you put your children in, regarding decisions that will reverberate for the rest of your child’s life: please read the letter that Health Canada wrote in response to questions from a Canadian doctor about the interim authorization of the C-injections for 12 – 17 year-olds.

Maybe in time I will write an analysis, because many people might not see through the standard BS that pops up in their letters time and again. But please read it carefully for yourself:

It is shocking. Again.


Dr Benoit’s questions:


On what basis is emergency interim authorization given for Covid-19 vaccination of children?

What is the quantitative evidence of morbidity and mortality in Canadian children aged 12 to



It is stated that the risk-benefit profile is “considered favourable” however, no quantification of risk for Canadian children is given. What is quantified risk for Canadian children for administration of this vaccine?


The cited literature which justifies this emergency interim authorization is an internal Pfizer document, which has yet to be published and subject to peer review. Given the known threat

to validity of clinical studies carried out by the manufacturers of therapeutics, how does Health Canada justify proceeding on the basis of this material alone?


The cited literature to assess safety includes unpublished data on 1130 children. Given the extremely small sample size involved, how does Health Canada justify its decision that adequate data exists to evaluate safety in children?


The United States has a Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), and there are child death reports from Tozinameran, as well as reports of serious injury. The Health Canada report makes no mention of these reports, why not?


Letter & Health Canada’s response



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