Gen Silencing?

Red Alert! Friends, I know it is easier said than done, but please do your best to warn people, especially of reproductive age and for children to avoid these experimental Poisons at all costs!

More mechanisms are being proposed as to how SGT injections can alter gene expression, resulting in catastrophic effects on fertility, auto-immunity, cancers.

BTW, Dr. Bruno is suggesting that these mRNA sequences may be resistant to degradation. Yet, Health Canada claims “They do their job and go away.”

We know that Spike proteins are highly homologous to Syncytin 1 and 2.

Carriage and horse analogy applies here. Did they pick a protein that “coincidentally” is critical for placental and embryonic-fetal development?

My theory, the reason why this homology exists is because viruses are exosomes. Therefore, they are manipulating our own genetic material, and also adding unnatural modifications to it and using synthetic nucleotides. As a result the “spike”/Syncytin protein is even more toxic.

According to this author, the mechanism of interference RNA in gene silencing is well known.

Some background info. on RNAi:

“During RNAi, long dsRNA is cut or “diced” into small fragments ~21 nucleotides long by an enzyme called “Dicer”. These small fragments, referred to as small interfering RNAs (siRNA), bind to proteins from a special family: the Argonaute proteins. After binding to an Argonaute protein, one strand of the dsRNA is removed, leaving the remaining strand available to bind to messenger RNA target sequences according to the rules of base pairing: A binds U, G binds C, and vice versa. Once bound, the Argonaute protein can either cleave the messenger RNA, destroying it, or recruit accessory factors to regulate the target sequence in other ways.

RNAi is widely used by researchers to silence genes in order to learn something about their function. siRNAs can be designed to match any gene, can be manufactured cheaply, and can be readily administered to cells. One can now order commercially synthesized siRNAs to silence virtually any gene in a human or other organism’s cell, dramatically accelerating the pace of biomedical research. Furthermore, the ability to turn off expression of a single gene makes RNAi an appealing therapeutic approach to treat infectious diseases or genetic disorders, such as those that result from the inappropriate and undesirable activity of a gene, as in many cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. There are currently several clinical trials testing the safety and effectiveness of siRNA drugs.”

And according to the researcher, due to proprietary reasons, we don’t know if the mRNAs constructed are single or double stranded and therefore have the potential to exert gene interference. (And possibly perpetually if they are resistant to degradation!)

“Furthermore, the confidentiality clauses that have been granted by governments to the companies developing these Vs will not allow us to know whether the constructs that make up the vectorised Vs encode a SARS-CoV-2 spike gene and/or a single- or double-stranded iRNA with resistance to nucleases. Therefore, we also cannot know for sure if the Vs that introduce modified RNAs have iRNA function and if they can target specific sites along the RNA transcription of a gene, in this case, the human syncytins, because of the high similarity they share in the sequence.”

“For all these reasons, the result of the inoculation of these experimental Vs may end up leading to the production of antibodies “with 95% effectiveness” but it cannot be ruled out that, as a side effect, they may block the translation of a messenger RNA encoding a normal human protein. We know in advance that RNase H-resistant antisense oligonucleotides provide complete resistance to nucleases, exhibit good targeting ability, high efficiency in the cell and have sequence specificity.”

“With the molecular biology tools available today, biotechnology companies can introduce destabilising modifications to mRNAs, can improve the effectiveness of inhibitory RNAs and can thus activate an alternative mechanism through which the sensed strand is removed, giving iRNA powerful silencing activity. If these modified RNAs are administered with the COVID-19 Vs, the world’s population will be subjected to a new and overlooked method of experimental gene therapy on a large scale, aimed at destabilising the expression of human genes by injecting foreign sequences, with possible resistance to nucleases and a proven ability to exert epigenic control.”

“The companies developing these Vs are not acting ethically or responsibly, because they are not conducting safety studies in the appropriate animal models, nor are they respecting the timescales needed to observe severe adverse effects in the medium and long term, nor are they providing the necessary information that they consider “confidential”. By avoiding and improvising the pre-clinical testing phases and moving directly to the clinical testing phases I, II and III, companies are shifting the risk from animals to humans, using people as models of animal challenge.”

“In short, we are forced to denounce that if governments want to implement a massive and obligatory experimental V of the population with Vs that have not fulfilled the experimental phases and that are approved with “emergency” protocols, they are being complicit in possible crimes against humanity, because these ‘novel’ therapeutic platforms have the most widely accepted mechanisms of inhibitor RNA-induced gene silencing implicitly and invisibly in their designs, the effects of which are well known to the international scientific community and yet are being minimised by pharmaceutical companies, when they should be evaluated before these Vs are commercially authorised.”

“The consequences of inoculating these foreign genes into the population with the CoVID-19 Vs could be catastrophic for the fate of humanity, if we consider the role of HERV envelope proteins (syncytins) in human physiology and their possible pathogenic effects on several types of cancers and autoimmune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Diabetes type 1.”


Bottom line, different molecular mechanisms have been proposed as a way to impact fertility and embryonic-fetal development. One is auto-immunity to Syncytin proteins and another is iRNA, for example.

The Spike protein the mRNA codes for is basically identical to two proteins essential for human reproduction. Must be a coincidence.

Now, is the time to ponder the level of evil we are dealing with, as our governments and medical bodies are promoting these experiments for children and pregnant women.

The full scale of harm will not be appreciated for a couple of decades.

Life is Sacred but not for the Eugenicists.

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