Wellington Street, Ottawa, Canada, 1st of July 2021

Watch almost the complete schedule of speeches during Thursday, 1 July at the gatherings alongside Wellington Street in Canada‘s capital, Ottawa. The following link leads to my YouTube channel where this clip hopefully will remain for a few weeks anyway but who knows.

Wellington Street Gatherings Thu, 1st July 2021

We are working on a commentary about these rather turbulent and torn presentations.

What do you think?

Is Hildebrandt a sleeper?

Is Hillier part of the controlled opposition? Or just your regular right wing “white supremacist”, as Matthew Behrens likes to put it, or forever unable to express any empathy?

White settlers in front of the Superior Court of Canada, indigenous Canada on Parliament Hill, it all on unceded territory. Unchained Christian street preachers in both camps, absurdly arguing a supreme being to claim decent treatment and individual consideration as the dignity of human kind is untouchable.

Isn’t that what we’re fighting for?

despite being brought up in the seventh day Adventist tradition and even later on in school spending quite some time with the old testament, I have to admit I have my problems listening to religious folk preaching about a scientifically never substantiated legend being – to show solidarity in protesting the curtailing and suppression of freedom of religion and worship is however a no-brainer and everybody’s civil duty.

The implications by parliamentary protective services seem absolutely staged in favour of presenting the improvised enforcement troop as the protector of whoever is on the hill when really that mandate is only in the buildings to protect representatives of the corporation. PPS should’ve never been on the hill on that day and I would think everybody agrees that indigenous events are very well able to police themselves.

Every time I go on the hill almost every week I explain that there is no actual mandate nor jurisdiction of the people wearing uniforms on the hill.

Every time there is an indigenous celebration happening, somebody out of the crowd on the hill tries to torpedo my effort to create some interest for this oddity ! Notice the lady shouting at me, calling me a “Karen”, telling me to go home? Why would she do that? unfortunately looking like an absolutely unmandated increased police presence on the hill despite the recent UNDRIP judgement that the corporation of Canada needs to vacate all buildings on the unceded territory.

Funny enough that an indigenous man and bookstore owner in the Glebe (barely bruised books) wasn’t exactly treated fairly by PPS on the hill either.

Enforcement took his pocket knife and then escorted him off the hill pretending to wanting to give it back to him where they held his property for him just west off the hill towards Wellington and the Supreme Court. I started videotaping but my batteries were down at that point. The man was apparently live streaming at all times.Needless to say we both missed the rest of the speeches and the memorial.

The whole scene was completely grotesque with PPS trampling on that man’s right to privacy demanding to ID him on order to give him back his property in front of the entire street traffic. And as he continued to complain about the Shicanerie, three Ottawa police standing on the corner ended up helping out and negotiating with PPS! Not after an over 6 foot tall officer planted himself between the other PPS officers and the man. I found that absolutely overkill and ridiculous in the implication: as if an outraged citizen is a threat to enforcement – just insulting in the implication. I talked to that very tall officer explaining why I found this so important after the exchange was over and I thanked him for his service and he thanked me for my work and we left on very good terms!

The bookstore owner’s reaction seem to be in a way to enforcement that they changed their mind and never handed him the knife instead suggesting to drive it by his store. Do officers really not understand that nobody wants a cop car in front of the store? Or is that part of the intimidation?

During the exchange the man told me his name was Scott and I talked to him twice to make him back off and stop swearing – he absolutely followed those suggestion and backed off immediately and also stopped swearing on my address – he swore once or twice in a half hour exchange, I heard him swear only towards the end of the encounter, he was really not very animated at all considering this methodical dodging around by enforcement with a very shady mandate on parliamentary hill … as soon as I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel, it’s going to premiere, so come on and tune in, I sure haven’t seen such a clown show in a long time. let’s hope YouTube leaves everything up … I of course have a copyright claim on it not because I played music but because the organizers like to play music, great. It’s not that I didn’t point it out to them! in writing ! months ago …

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