Afghanistan: perpetuum mobile of the military industrial complex

As we are hearing reports that the Taliban not only chased the current president out of the country with suitcases full of cash but banned any experimental genetic injections, one of my very eloquent Facebook friends has this comment for us:

« Ponder this: the same government officials that would like the ordinary law abiding citizen to either lose their right to own a firearm or make it so difficult to get one that it becomes an ordeal, has just gifted one of the most heinous and vicious group of terrorist murderers over 600000 military grade small arms and a similar number of armored vehicles and thousands of artillery pieces. To the Biden Administration and the perfume princes in the Pentagon and upper levels of the federal government, the white American who has an ideology moderate center to right is more dangerous than people who enslave women and children for sexual cruelty and murders anyone who disagrees with them in the most hideous ways. It will now, once again, take 20 years and the deaths of thousands of soldiers to set this right. I hope that 80 million or so who made all this possible are proud of yourselves….. »

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