“Canadian Groupthink” slowing resistance

Would like to share with you all a comment I was privileged to receive on Facebook, coming from a friend of a friend, after I expressed frustration about days of fb back and forth n illustrations that did not move our common friend to any logical nor reasonable reception:

“Maren Molthan do not blame yourself. I know exactly how you feel. Groupthink is pervasive and entrenched in Canada. They are unable to see that the news media is the propaganda arm of the Liberal party and that they shape the news to misinform people and reinforce the Groupthink. People in Canada will never learn the facts and opinions that you are trying to share because the mainstream Canadian media will not present it. There is an alternative media outlet in Canada that challenges the Groupthink called Rebel News but few Canadians watch it because they want their biases confirmed not challenged. Most Canadians will all have the same talking points about Covid and dismiss out of hand any facts or arguments that contradict the narrative they have been told. I grew up in Canada and lived there until I was 29. I have lived in the USA for 30 years. It wasn’t until I moved that I realized that there was Canadian Groupthink and that the CBC should really stand for Canadian Brainwashing Corporation. Canadians think they know and understand USA politics and culture very well but they really don’t. I personally know maybe 4 Canadians who like Trump but I know lots of Americans who do. They are good people who are not stupid or hateful or racist or sexist or homophobic or whatever that Canadians think they are. I have a rule that I don’t argue politics with Canadians but sometimes I break that rule and I always regret it. It’s not just Canada though. The mainstream press in the USA is transparently biased and dishonest. They shape the news so as to benefit a globalist agenda. As long as people think in terms of good/smart/caring people get the vaccine and bad/stupid/selfish people don’t get the vaccine then I doubt you can change anybody’s mind. These people are too busy enjoying the feeling of being morally superior. I hate to say this but it will probably require some sort of long-term health problems caused by the vaccine to get people to question the Groupthink. It is difficult to speak up and voice unpopular opinions in Canada because there are penalties for offending people. When you control what people can say and how they can say it then you control what people think. Keep sharing your knowledge and ideas and invite people who disagree with you to challenge your beliefs with logic, data, evidence and science. Let’s be open-minded and respectful but relentless and uncompromising in our pursuit of truth and knowledge. Insist on knowing all sides of an issue.>>

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