CDC botching data (again)

The CDC lumped together several days to artificially manipulate data about the Delta variant and how children are affected in order to make it look a lot more dangerous than it is!!!

In fact the most un-scientific botching as when you want to examine the influence of one factor, one must neutralize all the other factors that are also influencing your function, consisting in the fact that probands weren’t even looked at for their comorbidities at all!!!

In fact as shown by an independent study COVID-19 delta variant is not lethal at all for kids in the age group under 18 looking at 48 healthy kids who all had “Covid” – there was zero mortality.

Furthermore the CDC also counted people who had been injected with the experimental genetic treatment once or even twice as “unvaccinated “while counting death rates.

Both cases show how science should not be done and is tuned up in order to look one or the other way !

that is the opposite of science !!!

what we are seeing in action here is a used car dealer who needs to get rid of the old stock before the new season and guess who is buying?

Please watch last Thursday’s edition of especially the Jeffry Jaxen report to get the details of these OUTRAGEOUS scandals of botching statistics at the hands of the CDC.

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