Health Canada. corrupt to the core.

Canada, Public Health and the industry” Some historical context:

Chopra’s first lesson regarding the mindset of the bureaucracy came in 1974, during an interview for a promotion: “… a member of the Selection Board, N.S., asked me as follows: “Suppose you are selected for this post, whom would you consider to be your client?” I replied: “The public, of course.”

“No, it is the industry,” said S..

I begged to disagree with him. “From whom do you draw your mandate?” asked S. as a follow-up question. “From the Food and Drugs Act, passed by the Canadian Parliament on behalf of the public,” I replied. I hate to think that the reason I failed to obtain this post was due to my answers before this Public Service Commission Selection Board.| ”

(The scientists’ testimony (Chopra) also raised serious questions about the effectiveness of Health Canada as a regulator and its relationship with the drug industry.)

is it any better today?

From Shiv’s Chopra’s book: Corrupt to the Core

Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower: and

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